It’s almost sounds too good to be true. You can naturally eat less… kill your cravings to eat more… accelerate your fat loss… and boost your energy all at once.

It’s not a fairy tail or some crazy new drug on the market. It’s actually good ole fashioned…


A new research study done by BYU shows that 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise in the morning actually reduces a person’s motivation for food.

The study broke down like this

There were 35 women involved in the study. They would wake up each morning and do 45 minutes of a brisk walk on a treadmill. Then they would be hooked up to sensors and shown 240 images, 120 of plated food and 120 of flowers. The flowers acted as the control in the experiment.

The did this for a week and then repeated the same process, but with no exercise, the following week. The results speak for themselves.

According to the researchers who conducted the study…

The 45 exercise bout not only produced lower brain responses to the food images, but also resulted in an increase in the total physical activity that same day, for the rest of the day regards of the condition of the woman.

There is one more HUGE benefit

The women did not eat extra calories during the days when they worked out. So during the exercise they burned calories, and they also ate less food, but they did not feel the temptation to eat more later to make up for the calorie decrease.

That means that they ran a calorie deficit which means they will be burning fat and losing weight.

How awesome is that?

Exercise Can Do All Of That… But You Can Supercharge This

The issue with these studies is they always use treadmills as the fitness activity. It’s the most consistent and the speed of the treadmill will force a level of intensity. However, you can super charge these results by doing this…

Use a program like Fit Women’s Weekly and they weekly circuit training workouts. These programs not only are cardiovascular workouts designed to burn fat but they also increase lean muscle mass.

So you are doubling up. You get the increased metabolic efficiency along with cardiovascular benefits. You burn more calories and you drastically decrease your inherent desire for more food.

A huge win-win.

The best thing is you only have to do these workouts three days a week.

Exercise Is Hugely Powerful… More Than Just Calorie Burning And Strength

I hope you can now see how huge exercise really is. It directly influences your brain and how you receive signals and interpret those signals.

You have to have a good program because that will make eating so much easier.

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