The stomach, a flat stomach to be exact, is the number one body part women want. Every survey confirms it and I am sure you are nodding right now in agreement. It would be really empowering to have a flat – healthy – stomach.

Why You’re Being Fed Watered Down Mush For Flat Stomach Advice

It’s becoming more common knowledge that the way TV and many magazines teach you to get a flat stomach, is actually NOT the way to get a flat stomach. All of these concentrate on core exercises.

These types of exercises have their place in the proper program. However, they are far from being the faster and most efficient way to melt that belly fat.

There are three rules you have to follow. If you want this bad enough, these won’t be an issue. In fact when you work your way past the third week, they will become the best parts of your day.

The Three Rules For A Guaranteed Flat Stomach

1. Eat The Right Foods

Eat the Right Foods

I have no doubt you knew this advice was coming. The right foods, or the right type of foods, simple must be eaten. Most women hear that and think of boring foods and a very limited amount of foods/meal there is to make.

That is so far from the truth.

If you have the right plan to follow, at least initially, you’ll be surprised at how much option there is. Plus with the right training, you’ll also be surprised at how amazing and fast meals like these are to cook.

Essentially, you are working on eliminating the sugar from your diet. Of course calories matter too, but with the right foods, you’re eating more calorie dense foods. That fills you up and keeps you filled.

All of this results in a couple things:

  1. The proper balance of nutrients in your body which sets you up for automatic fat loss.
  2. Higher energy, better tasting foods, and a nutrition lifestyle that you can actually live with.

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2. Functional Training

It’s so tempting and at first glance makes so much sense… exercise your stomach and see results in your stomach. Just like we mentioned at the start of this article.

However, the path of getting a flat stomach lies in total body workouts. These can be done a multitude of ways from using weights to just your bodyweight.

In fact having trained literally hundreds of women and testing many ideas of proper training on them, I am convinced of one thing. You can go the rest of your life doing bodyweight programs and achieve a lifelong fit, lean, sexy body.

It’s the power of the right program. It has to utilize your entire body in such a way that it learns to work as a system. It become more efficient at moving, bending, and exploding with power. All things we lose by sitting down all day long.

So how does this relate to getting that flat stomach?

It’s actually really simple. Fat is taken from your body evenly. No spot on your body is favored, nor can you make it favored.

So when it comes to exercise, the fastest route to a flat belly is to burn as many calories as you can each workout along with building your lean muscle mass. Do that and results will happen faster than you think they can.

Remember if you want to bring more shape your stomach, crunches and similar exercises are necessary to build that lean mass. If you want that definition, you need to induce that muscle which will give you the shape you want.

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3. Loving The Process

Love Your Flat StomachFinally, to get a flat stomach, you have to love the process. I’ve found that fitness and eating healthy get really frustrating when your expectations for results don’t meat up with reality.

For example, when most women start to exercise, it’s all about weight loss and seeing results. Everything is tied to that outcome. Being human, naturally we underestimate the time it will take to see what we envision.

That underestimation just puts more stress on the process. It destroys any chance of fun and it begins to make you feel like what you’re doing is failing. In many cases, it makes you feel like a failure.

Here’s the fix.

Find a program you know is proven to work. That right there should set your mind at ease.

Step two is have fun with the workouts and pushing your body. Forget about the results. Know they will come to you when they come. Just have fun pushing and seeing how far you can go. That goes with nutrition too.

That is the stress free proven way to get a flat stomach. It might take you 3 months or maybe 8 months… some people, it might take 12 months. But in the grand scheme of things that is not a long time at all.

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