How To Get Abs & Why Hundreds Of Sit Ups Won’t Do It

So you want to know how to get abs and have a stomach you love to show off?  That’s great but don’t get caught up in the idea that doing crunches all day long is going to deliver the results.

Eliminate the Fat

First off, woman tend to have a hard time getting a six pack stomach because we naturally have more fat than men and the stomach just happens to be where it piles up a lot.

To unlock the hot abs you have then you have to rid yourself of that layering fat. Since there is not such thing as spot training (to lose fat in one spot only) you have to train total body and work hard to lose the fat weight… that’s the big secret on how to get abs!

Make sure to have a healthy diet and a great womens workout plan for the best fat blast!

Many women have great stomachs we just can’t see it because of the flab that hangs out on the tummy.

A second trick for how to get abs is to not localize or focus on just one abdominal muscle. The abs are actually made up of several muscles and that is why you need to do more than just standard crunches. Work out the lower, upper and side abs. I will leave out the muscle names because that’s just lingo you don’t need.

Top AB Moves:

  • Planks
  • Reverse crunch
  • Bicycle crunch
  • Hanging crunch
  • Wood chop
  • Etc.

Common error: Working your abs too much…

After a big hard day of legs, you always give yourself a 48 hr break before working the same muscles again, right? The same goes with abs. They need a day to rest and rebuild. Otherwise you risk over training and then fail to see results you deserve. Most women tent to think the more the better, but nope not when it comes to getting abs or any other muscle.

And the last deal, you genetics:

How do your parents look? If they have always had a hard time with weight then you will probably have to work twice as hard than someone who is genetically blessed. It may sound unfair but the only option you have is to choose new parents… and clearly that’s not an option.

Go get moving and stop sitting there on your back doing crunches and sit-ups! There is much more to core training.


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