Ask Away Wednesday: How To Get Back To Exercise After A Hiatus (And More)

Good morning, and happy Wednesday. Being that it’s the middle of the week, means I officially have 2 days until my relaxing mother-daughter trip to Savannah for the weekend! We have nothing planned so if you have any recommendations I would love them!

After last weekend, I am pretty sure there won’t be too much wine drinking. Low key is what the goal is.

Also being that it’s Wednesday means it’s time for Ask Away! I have received so many awesome questions and I always have such a great time answering them. To be honest, I think Wednesday might just be my favorite blog day!

If you have a question for me regarding fitness/nutrition/life/etc then feel free to post it below or shoot me an email! I’ll post my email at the bottom.

Ask Away: Getting Back To Exercise, Running Plans, And The Blog-o-sphere

Q: Do you have any suggestions on how to ease back into a workout post injury? 

Been there with ya! 

A: Yes, and you said it above… the trick is to ease back into it. Don’t try and jump right back into the same routine you were doing before the injury. It took time to get to that level of fitness and it will take time to get back there. This is the hardest and most frustrating part of all. But it passes quickly!

Your body remembers where you were at and your progression will be much faster than previously. Trust me I know about this first hand!

I suggest getting started simply with body weight exercises. Circuits are great for that and will allow you to “feel the burn”. Need a good bodyweight circuit?

Also, if you’re into running or other forms of cardio just go for 10-20 minutes. Nothing crazy just enough to get a feel for it again. Each workout, up the intensity and time.

The number one rule of thumb is to listen to your body. If something hurts or feels weird, don’t do it. Make a mental note and perhaps bring it up to your doctor for feedback.

Also make sure to allow plenty of rest between workouts. Getting back into exercise is not the time for back to back days. Aim for just 2-3 days/week at first for the month then listen to how your body reacts to determine if you can do more.

Good luck!

Q: I would like to know what you use for your running training programs.  Do you design them yourself?  I’ve been following your running successes & I’m just getting back into running after a 4 month hiatus I was curious to know what you do.  I noticed you said that you haven’t had any trouble with shin splints, something I’ve been plagued with off and on since I started and running.

A: Yes, I designed my own training program. I knew from talking to my running friends that I needed to get started about 15 weeks out. From there I made Saturday mornings my long runs which started with a 6 miler (back in June). Each week I would add 1-2 miles (depending on how I felt) until I got to the 13 miles. I know some runners will tell you not to actually do the race distance but after talking with marathon friends they gave me the green light. For the mental side of things I wanted to know I could do the entire race.

Once I did the 13, I went back down and stayed around 10-11 miles for the last few weeks.

During the weekdays I ran just 2-3 times and never more than 5 miles. One run was normally a treadmill interval mixed with sprint work and inclines while the others were road work but again working on time rather than distance.

And of course I kept up with my strength training. I will always credit my strength to my fitness successes and lack of injuries (knock on wood). Keeping strong legs allowed my joints to remain pain-free, kept my posture where it should be so I had no back issues and overall made me more efficient on the roads.

For shin splints, I honestly don’t know why I haven’t had issues. I think it was because I followed a plan, listened to my body and didn’t do too much too soon. Also, the shoes were a huge factor. Wearing good shoes is key!

Good luck!

Q: I’ve been reading L.R. every day since I found it from Tosca Reno’s Clean Eating and think you rock.  And now, from your blog, I learned about Sprint 2 the Table and have started reading that. My question is: what are some of your favorite fitness blogs? 

A: First, thanks for reading… you rock! This is a really great question. I pretty much have my blog roll that I read each day. A lot of them are friends I have made through blogging and they inspire me. Others, I just love reading every day!

This list changes a lot but here are a few of my favorites:

Please feel free to share your favorites below!

SO that concludes another Ask Away Wednesday (feel free to email me questions at! Have a fabulous day!

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  • What blogs do you read? 
  • What’s the longest break you’ve had to take from exercise? 
  • Recommendations for Savannah??


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