It’s often the case that women will be all about exercising and creating a healthier lifestyle while men are happy just watching. It’s no real surprise this comes after some years of marriage.

You’ve been together for awhile. That comfortability factor has probably already set in (which is unfortunate for both sides of the marriage party). Plus time commitments have habitually trained us to do certain things each day everyday.

But if you’re getting fit and you want to make this a husband wife thing, there are steps you can take. The benefits of this are huge as well… not only for the relationship, but for your family as a whole.

Here Are 3 Ways To Jolt Your Husband Into Training With You

1. Encourage And Build Him Up

Make sure you never tease him or call him fat. Men can be just as emotionally soft as women and calling them fat or teasing him will begin to damage his ego. That’s when he will probably fire back at you defending himself only to be hurt and upset when he’s alone (probably hurting you in the process).

You have to encourage him. A great way can be to do small fitness challenges around the house each morning or at night. Then when he does it well, talk to him about how great he is (guys need nurturing even thought they don’t admit it).

If you have a more direct talk about getting healthy, make sure you are always positive about it.

Rather than talk about how unhealthy he may be, talk about how healthy you both used to be. Talk about the good days and then about future events or adventures you can have together after getting fit. Make it exciting to talk about. That’s how you start planting that seed.

2. Get Motivated Together

Source: These two are doing a family triathlon together – Awesome!

Motivation can be tough to get going. I’ve been reading a lot about it lately and using things like external rewards (money, sex, etc…) are good for short term action but when you take away the reward (which will always happen) things stop.

Get motivated by being super positive together. Talk about how sexy you both look. Try to be more intimate, which will actually start to happen naturally as you continue working out. This can spur that desire to become more fit.

Make being fit part of the daily conversation just like you would talk about your day at work.

  • Scheme about ways you can be healthier or new foods you want to try.
  • Talk about different exercises you want to try or read about.
  • Talk about a fitness class or method you may want to experiment with.
  • Talk about fitness clothes or shoes.

When you talk more about it and make it part of your life, it slowly integrates itself into your life completely.

Take that a step further and go shopping with your husband for fitness clothing. These days fitness clothes can be pretty sexy for women and even some great options for guys. Do this together and have some fun with it.

Finally, when you start working out together, record your workouts. By doing this, you have something to talk about and work towards together. This makes exercising a lot more fun and motivating.

3. Show Him You’re Strong

Most men think working out with women as to “lady like” (wimpy). However, these days as more and more women are getting into strength training and circuit training, and that is NOT the case.

If you been working out for any length of time, show him your strong. You may never be as strong as him but just showing you’re not scared to workout and get dirty makes it more fun for him to train with you.

It means you can do the same exercises and just change the weights around. You can feed off of each other working out. I have started to see more couples exercising in the gym and it always makes me smile. Plus these couples always look great together.

You can also get competitive.

Women can build up endurance to kick guys butts. It’s not always about strength. Try exercises like:

  • Planks
  • Squat jumps
  • Sprinting

Almost any type of endurance and power based plyometric move.

Get Your Husband In The Gym… Get Closer… Love Life More

When a married couple both workout together, it’s an amazing thing. You really do grow more close both emotionally and physically. As you burn fat and start to look better, your sex drives increase which is always a great thing too.

Plus it deeps the interesting things you can do together, the vacations you can take, and it can even help with things like jealousy or envy.

Keep in mind…

It could take time. Have patience and never tease your husband into action. He will come around slowly.