Getting motivated is always a really big topic. There are all so many different ways you can ignite a fire in your belly to workout, eat better, and just live a much more healthy version of your life.

What’s crazy is motivation is a personal thing. Some women are motivated by competition while others just need a picture of a person they look up to.

What About Keeping Motivation Going?

Fitness Motivation

Getting motivated isn’t hard but it only lasts a few days at best. That surge of energy and brain chemicals deplete quickly.

The key to motivation is how do you keep it going? How can you keep feeding that fire?

Here Are 3 Top Ways To Keep Your Motivation Hot All Year Long!

1. Network With Like People

Find others that are like you. If you love to lift weights, then find other women that love to lift weights. If you love to run, then try to hangout with mostly runners.

By networking and forming groups with women that are mostly like you, you’ll have a built in support system. Make sure you actively try to become their friend as well. I’ll mention this again in a minute.

A group of women centered around living healthy, cooking healthy, and being healthy will keep you motivated when things get hard. Being around women like this will actually limit the amount of hard times that might high you.

To find these women, there are private fitness forums like Fit Women’s Weekly or Calorie Revolution which I personally run.

You can find them locally by joining a group on or you can form your own group.

Take the initiative because it’s probably one of the great things you’ll enjoy in your life.

2. Track Your Progress

I’ve talking about tracking progress a million times before. It’s the number one way to guarantee weight loss, but it’s also one of the best ways to tap into on-going motivation.

However, this form of motivation is different. There is a good side and a bad side.

The Bad Side – This motivation happens when you’re tracking and you see that you’re not making progress anymore. You’re either not losing weight, not getting stronger, and things just are stagnate.

Most women grow very discouraged when this happens. It can motivate you to either get back on track harder and make some tweaks… or… it can motivate you to quit. The choice is yours. Either way, it’s a powerful force for taking action.

The Good Side – This motivation happens when things are going your way. You’re losing weight, you’re seeing inches fall off and you’re getting stronger. Things seem easy and that’s really pushing you forward. It’s fun… it’s easy… it feel great.

This too is powerful and use that to make further beneficial changes to your body. Tracking can give you amazing information, amazing motivation, and either build personal belief or you can let it destroy it… tracking is great!

3. Give To Others

Give motivation to others. This is probably one of my favorite ways to get motivation… become the motivator.

Cheer for, push on, pick up, and listen to other women. By doing this you’ll inspire others. At first they may be shy about what’s going on. People just don’t do this anymore these days.

However, they will come around. And when they do, they will motivate you right back. It’s probably the best feeling in the world to make a difference to somebody else. It continually makes you want to be better, stronger, and lead by example.

If you want your motivation to last long, just give it to others.