It’s typically referred to as those last 5 pounds. The dreaded stomach pouch. If you’re like most women you probably stand sideways looking into the mirror holding your stomach in trying to make it perfectly flat, only to let it go and see that little bulge.

Well there are things you can do to get rid of your stomach pouch, but this is going to be a different article because you probably have a warped sense of perception.

I hope when you finish this article, you see exactly what I’m talking about. I think you’ll be surprised.

So let’s cover the shocking part first.

That thing you are calling your stomach pouch, it’s probably meant to be there. Human anatomy clearly shows a small hump from your navel to the top of your private area. This is clear on all people.

If that is the case, why don’t you see it on models and other people?

Because they are holding their stomach in. And on most professional pictures, they are photoshopped. I know this seems crazy, but it’s true. Just take another look at your profile in the mirror and be honest about your physiology.

Real Woman

Still Think You Have Some Stomach Pouch You Can Get Rid Of?

Okay, you still think you have somethings you can do to help with your stomach. No problem. Let’s look at getting rid of these last 5 or so pounds from a different perspective.

Observation 1 – For the most part, your diet is pretty good if you have only a little stomach pouch to get rid of.

That being the case, I am not going to talk too much about your diet. Sure there are some things you can still get cleaned up, but unless you know there is a glaring issue, I think you’re doing good.

Observation 2 – If you’re like a lot of women, you are probably doing too much cardio training as your main source of exercise.

This is not necessarily bad, but it makes it really hard to get that toned, firmer look this most women are going after.

So to fix this, you will want to start making resistance training the focus of your workouts.

The key here is building your lean muscle mass which will help those feminine muscle lines come out more. That will shape your stomach and give you a much great chance of getting rid of that stomach pouch.

If you want to find really good resistance training routines to do on a weekly basis then you need to go join Fit Women’s Weekly. Also make sure you subscribe to my blog and I’ll give you my quick start guide as well.

This guide will get you in the habit of working out. Just optin, you’ll see what I mean and no other trainers are really teaching this.

Final Observation – This will be some hard truth, but you have to consider it because if you don’t you’ll probably just set yourself up for failure.

That stomach pouch might be excess skin. This could be excess skin for a few reasons.

Reason 1 – You have lost a lot of weight and this is your stretch skin. This is actually quite a complex process because did you know that if you lose weight too fast, you will increase the risk of this happening?

It’s true and that is another bad thing about fad diets and crash diets that people don’t talk about. If your initial weight loss is too much, you’ll be stuck with excess skin.

Reason 2– As you age, your skin gets a little saggy. It’s an unfortunate reality you’ll have to face. Add to this reason 1 and you might just be stuck with some pouch unless you do a tummy tuck.

I am not saying you should do that at all, but I want to be really real with you. You have to fully understand your body and what is going on and what you can realistically do to shape it up.

Are You Ready To Implement The Stomach Pouch Reduction Plan?

Alright great! Let’s get going.

Step 1 – Just take a quick look at your diet to see if there is anything there you can clean up. If it’s a glaring issue, you’ll know it. So don’t think too much about it.

Step 2 – Cut down on your cardio training. Get more resistance training in and this goes with your stomach and core exercises too. Do more crunches to build your stomach muscle up and give them some shape. Most trainers tell you this is bad, but it’s really not. It helps to provide shape and some lean build.

Also rather than slow consistent cardio, go from more sprinting and interval training. Really push yourself and you’ll see better results spurred on.

Step 3 – Be real with your body and where you are in live. I am never one to say you can’t do anything, but unless you really kick your training into high gear… there is only so much you can do.

Go for it. Be bold and get rid of that stomach pouch… that last dreaded 5 pounds.