How To Make The Best Egg & Lox Breakfast Wrap In The World (And Studio Update)

A pretty bold statement?

I think not, I’m pretty confident that I enjoyed the best smoked salmon breakfast wrap ever this morning. And trust me, I’ve had my fair share of them!


But before I reveal the best breakfast wrap in the world, I want to share with the you the mini—turned-huge project that Dan and I tackled last night.

The Life Of A Fitness Studio Owner

After an already busy Saturday of running 7 miles with Katie, picking up supplies at Lowes, heading to a baby shower, we finally made it to our fitness studio around 5pm to lock in our weight lifting floor.

The floor is made of black rubber tiles, which are awesome for dropping weights on, but terrible for working out on. Anytime you jump, lunge, burpee, etc the floor slides apart (by inches). We knew we had to lock it in place to have a safe and efficient space.

Here’s a before picture I found…


Sounds great, right? We had it all figured out. But when we got there Dan brought up the point…

“You know, we don’t have to keep the layout as it is. We can change it however we want.”

After some brainstorming, the decision was made to COMPLETELY change the layout of the entire studio.

The group fitness floor was pulled up and re-organized on what was the personal training/weight lifting side. And the black training floor was moved to what was the boot camp side. This makes so much sense for personal training (more privacy), kettlebell classes, and smaller programs to be on the more secluded side.

But what that meant for us… lots of work. Thank you to my brother and SIL for helping us for a bit!

Here’s what went down…

A few before (I wish I had taken more)


The pieces just thrown together for the boot camp room


Moving the rubber weight lifting floor to the other side and locking it in place! Beer was a necessity!


Drum Roll Please…





Much better right!? And we love that the puzzle floor isn’t just random pieces tossed here and there. The colors actually laid out in a structured, uniform way looks so much better!

We got home a little before 12am and passed out. It as almost as glorious as eating this when I work up:


The Best Egg & Lox Breakfast Wrap In The World

Over the past month I have become obsessed with smoked salmon (Lox). I’ve been buying tubs of Whole Food’s smoked salmon trimmings because they are much cheaper than the prepackaged stuff but just as delicious.

Salmon is a great fatty fish high in Omega-3s, protein, and iron (perhaps that’s why I crave it?). Yes it is high in sodium, but by just having the one serving a day, I think I’ll be fine (not to mention I have very low blood pressure).

Bottom line, it not only taste delicious but it is super awesome for you!


2 Oz Smoked Salmon

1 Egg

1 Wrap (I used gluten-free rice wrap)

3 Olives, sliced

2 brussel sprouts, sliced thin

1/2 Tsp Capers

Tomato Slice

Optional: Cheese (I used a thin slice of Almond Cheese)

1 Tsp Coconut Oil


1.  Heat oil in a small skillet at medium heat. Toss in sprouts until softened then crack egg directly on top. Use a spatula to lightly scramble the egg.

2. If using a rice wrap, lightly moisten the wrap and microwave for 30 seconds (helps to soften and bend it).

3. Once egg is done, slide contents of the skillet onto the wrap and top with everything else.


March’s Challenge…

The March Challenge will be revealed on Monday. Every Monday of the start of the month will hold the reveal so make sure to check back to see if you want to participate!! It’s going to be a great one!

What’s the BEST thing you’ve ever had for breakfast? 


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