How To Tell If Your Food Is A GMO {Vlog}

Happy Monday! How was the weekend?

Mine was a blast, filled with wonderful friends, great food, and tasty cocktails. I am sorry I didn’t get a chance to post up pictures yesterday, so tomorrow I will share all most of the pictures and fill you in!

aria charlotte

The first night of Jennie’s bachelorette party. Jennie is the one with the red pants. From left to right: Carol, Jennie, Caroline, Nancy (Jennie’s Sister), Me, Erin, Lilla, Jenny

Because of course today is Lifting Revolution’s Fitness & Nutrition Show!

On today’s show: 

How To Tell If Your Produce Is Organic, “Regular” Or Genetically Modified

What To Do For Extra Exercise On Your “Off” Days

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What The Plu-Code Says About Your Fruits And Veggies

plu code fuji apple

Regular: 4-digit code that starts with a 3 or a 4. A normal Fuji apple would have a code of #4131

Organic: 5-digit code that begins with a 9. For example, an organic Fuji apple would have a code of #94131

Genetically Engineered: 5-digit code that begins with an 8. A modified Fuji is #84131.

Who knew those little numbers actually stood for something real? I always thought they were there to help check out.

What To Do On Off Days:

As exercise becomes a part of your life, you might have a desire to exercise more. It happens all the time!

What  can you do inbetween your weight training (or more serious training days if you don’t weight train yet) days?

Keep in mind that you should not work out the same muscles back to back days due to the need for recovery and rest.

So then with that being said here are some ideas to add extra workouts in to your life:

Cardio workouts: Intervals or steady state. I personally LOVE intervals right now because I am focused on increasing not only my distance abilities but also speed. Intervals help with both. Here is one interval workout that you can do on the treadmill, and it’s only 22 minutes long!

interval workout

Yoga: Stretching the muscles helps increase blood flow to them and aids in recovery and faster results. While I have known this to be true for quite some time, it’s only been recently that I have taken my own advice and started incorporating yoga into my own training.

Active fun: play tennis, frisbee, rollerblade, etc. Fun activities that also burn off calories.

What’s your favorite workout between training days?

Being UnAmerican


This has nothing to do what so ever with the show today, but you might have noticed that I didn’t mention the SuperBowl AT ALL. Why?

Because I forgot about it.

We are Eagles fans, so much so that Dan doesn’t care to watch games if the Eagles aren’t involved.

Plus, we don’t have a television set up so, Dan and I had no intentions of watching it. And since I was getting back from the bachelorette party all I wanted to do last night was chillax.

Does this make us the most unAmerican Americans? I guess I will try to Youtube the commercials today.

What was your favorite commercial that I need to look up!? 

How was the half time show? 


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