After this year, I can say with some confidence that mud runs are here to stay and they will probably only become bigger and for the most part better. I’ve now done quite a few mud runs myself and at the time of this article, the only one I have not done is the Spartan Run and the Tough Mudder… but they will be checked off really soon.

What I Really Love About The Mud Runs

As a trainer, I really love the mud runs because they have brought women into fitness that I never would have seen before. The challenge aspect of the obstacles and the run itself is getting women excited about increasing strength and trying more intense training forms.

With that new love for fitness and training comes the question you’ll see a lot…

How Do You Train For A Mud Run?

Training for a Mud Run

Training for a mud run is a great example of functional training. Besides the simple act of running, you’ll use all the major movements of the human body to navigate any course. You’ll jump, pull yourself up, squat down low, crawl on the ground and so much more.

So the best training program will be a mix of heavy cardio and interval training with intense bodyweight training. We’ll talk a lot about the bodyweight training here but make sure you check out more about it here.

Step 1: Start Training With Enough Time To Spare

This is similar to wedding planning in that you don’t want to wait until the last two weeks and suddenly freak out because you haven’t trained. Give you’re time so you can train stress free and really make strides.

  • For the shorter mud runs give yourself at least three months.
  • For the Marine Corp mud run, give yourself a good three to five months.
  • For the Tough Mudder and Spartan Run, I would suggest six months.
  • With that time limit, you’ll have the ability to build a program that can progress you to new fitness and strength levels.

Step 2: Have A Full Week by Week Plan

It can be tough to build a plan like this on your own. If you’re a member of Fit Women’s Weekly, then the weekly workouts are perfect along with our interval programs too.

The key is to make sure your program builds you up and pushes you past your limits until the last two weeks before the race where you can begin to taper off.

Getting Nasty In Mud

A typical weekly breakdown will be:

  • Monday – Full out full body circuit and strength program
  • Tuesday – Cardio Interval workout. Short distance.
  • Wednesday – Full out full body circuit and strength program.
  • Thursday – Cardio Interval workout. Short but fast distance.
  • Friday – Full out full body circuit and strength program.
  • Saturday – Complete rest day
  • Sunday – Long distance run

Push yourself to keep up with at least three full body circuit/strength programs a week with three cardio workout days as well. Make one of those days a distance day where you can push yourself further than you did the week before.

Step 3: Kick Your Nutrition Into Strength Gear

It’s sounds pretty scary like I’m saying you should get big or something. However, that is not the case. Always keep in mind that strength and size are not linear in relationship.

As a general life rule, the stronger you get, the easier life will get all around… even more so for a mud run.

When it comes to strength, your nutrition has a lot to do with it. Try to keep your diet as clean as you can. You don’t have to kick up your protein intake or anything like that. If anything and this might sound little strange, but kick up your carb intake (good carbs).

Carbs do not make you fat. If they are the right type of carbs, they will be the perfect fuel for you.

Here are a few tips that can make a big difference nutritionally for you:

  • Concentrate on a bigger breakfast that has good carbs and veggies too.
  • Focus on good meals centered around your workouts to help your body recover quicker.
  • Don’t overeat at dinner if that is what you typically do.
  • Try your best to stop drinking alcohol during the week at least. That along can make a enormous difference.

Try these tips and if you want more specific help, join Fit Women’s Weekly. The meal plans you get weekly can really make a huge difference.

Celebrate Mud Run Finish

Step 4: Have Fun And Respect Your Rest

Make sure you have a lot of fun training. When you have something like a mud run, you can really push yourself and have fun pumping that intensity up. Make sure you read this article about intensity because constantly increasing that will be the goal until the end.

Finally respect your rest days.

When you rest, let your body rest. This is not only during your rest days but it’s during your workout days during the time when you’re not working out.

If you want more help with mud run training, check out this program. It’s built especially for women that want to dominate and lead their group to victory.