With a minor amount of will power, you can do almost anything for 30 days right?

That was a real question for you. Can you? Do you really feel you can do just about anything for at least 30 days after which you’re free to give it up?

I think we can do that. It’s just short enough where it won’t drastically change our life. It can actually be treated as a real challenge and be fun. But at the same time, it will get hard and you’ll be tempted to break your word.

I happen to think that these 30 day challenges can change your body, your life, just about everything.

Here’s how:

Let’s Start With… Why 30 Days?

30 days is a pretty arbitrary number, however there is a good reason for it. It’s the famous (and probably not correct) 21 day rule which says…

If you can do something for 21 days, it will become a habit.

I don’t believe that building a new habit is that easy, but I do think that it can be a huge help.

So why not choose 21 days for these mini challenges?

Because 21 days is hard picture in your head. It’s hard to track and hard to remember. 30 days is pretty much 1 month. That’s easy to remember.

30 Days Is Also Challenging In Itself

Going 30 days of doing something you typically don’t do can be tough. It’s just long enough that you’ll have some massive periods of temptations.

It’s also long enough that you’ll be able to break through withdrawal symptoms. For example, if you gave up coffee for 30 days, you’d go through withdrawal. However by the third week your body would be normal and you’d feel better. You’d be less likely to go back to your old habit.

Or in many cases it’s long enough to break a habit of inaction and put into into motion.

How Will 30 Days Change Your Life?

It’s practice.

Practice makes perfect. Plus there’s no rule that you can’t repeat a 30 day challenge back to back.

So let’s go through some obvious but fun examples of a 30 days challenge.

30 Days Of No Alcohol

I enjoy drinking. I don’t binge drink but I do have a number of glasses a week in wine, sometimes beer.

To give that up for 30 days would be hard. However it would start to do a few other things for me

  • I’d realize that I don’t need to drink on a Friday to unwind for the weekend.
  • I’d drop several hundreds of processed calories from my diet and probably lean out more.
  • I’d be forced to think of new activities to occupy the times when I normally would just watch a movie with a glass of wine.
  • I’d be forced to learn about new drinks to sip on that taste great.

The change brings out ripple changes which force you to grow and are far reaching. After the 30 days I would be willing to bet that I would not drink nearly as much.

30 Days Of No Artificial Sugar

I already try not to eat artificial sugar. But for you and me, this would bring about a whole new awareness of the foods and drinks that have artificial sugar in them.

By giving up artificial sugar, you’d be forced to inspect the foods you eat everyday. You’d start to learn about these foods and why ingredients are really in them. You’d learn more about the different ingredients and that can be an enlightenment.

You’d probably find how nearly every food in your pantry and fridge have some artificial sugars in them. Then you may want to learn more about artificial sugars to see why it’s so bad for you.

Now you know and after the 30 days, you’d eat with a lot more knowledge.

30 Day Pushup Challenge

Do 15 pushups each day for 30 days.

The benefits are obvious. You’d start to get fit. If you can’t do 15 pushups in the beginning, by the end, I bet you’d be able to easily do 15 if not more pushups.

So Are You Ready For A 30 Day Challenge?

I am going to build a newsletter list where I’ll send out a 30 day challenge every 30 days. During those 30 days, there will be updates and motivation. Maybe this can really take off and be something that people enjoy doing. It will be up by January 2013.

From that point, I don’t know what it can do.

But I do know this…

Consistently Doing 30 Day Challenges Can And Will Change Your Body… Your Life… Just About Everything!