For the last 5 years we’ve been in really tough times. On the economic front there has been very little good news to get excited about. “They” (whoever they are) say our economy is getting better, but from so many perspectives it doesn’t seem to be. Plus everywhere you turn on the News or newspapers and magazines there is negative political news.

Negativity… AHHHH…. I’m so negative about it 🙂

And that bad vibe… the subconscious message of trouble and you better “live for today” can make you eat up to 40% more food. That’s a lot and that can quickly result in added inches where you probably least want them to be.

What the best solution to this? Easy, just…

Turn Off The News… Stop Reading The Newspaper… And Ignore The Gossip Magazines!

Sounds crazy right?

Get this. A study published in Psychological Science found that bad news triggers a deep response in our brains to consume more calories. It’s that feeling of, “things are so bad now so I better just live to today as it might not be around tomorrow.”

Some of the researchers are even going as far as saying that our reptile (flight or fight) brain thinks that we need “hardy” food to store it up (like preparing for famine). In their research, they told the same group that was eating 40% more food that some of the food was “low calorie” food.

Amazingly, they ate less of it.

It’s crazy! Again, the thinking is our brains are trying to force us to eat calorie dense food because it might not be around. Almost like a survival mode.

Personally I don’t know about all of this, but I know one thing for a fact…

Negative News (Especially News Channels) Make You Feel Terrible – And You Don’t Even Realize It

For the last 2 or 3 years my husband and I have been living with no TV. At first it was really hard. I missed not knowing what was going on in the world. It almost felt like something was missing from my day. Kind of like I was the one out of the loop.

But as time passed, a couple things started to happen:

1. I noticed I was happier. Each morning I started with a much better attitude. Not being hit over the ear with horrid news of death, destruction, and collapse allowed me to start my day in a fresh new frame of mind. This is something I am always trying to improve more.

2. I paid attention to my life more. With no TV, I was forced to pay attention to my life and the first thing I noticed… I have more time than ever. When I had a TV I was accomplishing nothing at home. With no TV, I am hyper productive.

3. With more time I am able to cook better meals and play in the kitchen more. I think more about my body and what I put in it. Plus it makes it a lot easier to exercise.

There is so much more that was happening to me. Even to this day, years after having given it up, I’m learning to manage my time better and put more positive things into my routines that build me up. (These are things like listening to books on tape, listening to good music, reading more books… stuff I never thought I would have time to do.)

The point is this…

The Affect of News Programming Is Detrimental… Try Giving It Up For 30 Days

Rather than feel like you constantly have to take things away from your life…

  • Take away your favorite foods.
  • Take away your relaxation time.
  • Now take away your News watching…

Think of it like this. Take away the negativity and add in happiness. Try this…

1. Find a good book on tape or program you can listen to in the morning. Make it positive and notice how it affects you the rest of the day.

2. Listen to a positive health podcast like the Lifting Revolution fit show or any of the great fitness podcasts. This will pump you up to live healthy for the day and you’ll definitely make better decisions when it comes to food and exercise during the day.

3. At night, with no news, you’ll go to bed with no stress. You’ll sleep better and feel even more amazing when you wake up. Plus the better sleep will help you burn more fat.

Try it… then you can tell me that it won’t work for you (if you still think like that). However, I bet you’ll be amazed at how amazing you feel. I think you’ll become addicted. You’ll eat better foods… less food… and I think you might actually start losing weight. Not just from eating less, but from sleeping better, from having more time to exercise and do things that you’ve always wanted but “never had the time for.”

At the very least you’ll be so much more positive you’ll want to start exercising and eating better simply because you’ll have a better mindset for it.