Emotional eating is one of the biggest issues women face. It can lead to not only mental anxiety, panic, and lots of heavy stress… but lots of heavy calories that you would have otherwise not eaten.

I can’t be certain but once you start to emotionally eat, I think it gets harder and harder to stop. You anchor your emotions to food and when they get juiced up, you need that stimulation.

It’s depressing to think about. However, a new study shows that you can automatically better cope with stress, anxiety, and panic as if you were a highly sought after CIA agent.

This magic power comes from the benefit of just mild vigorous EXERCISE! (I bet you know I was going to say that.)

Exercise Can Help You Automatically Control Your Emotional State

In a study done by the University of Maryland, they found that mild vigorous exercise makes future stressful events not stressful and anxious to the exerciser. Let me show you the experiment.

They took college students and measured their stress levels using a 20 question test. They had one group do mild vigorous (whatever that means) cycling on an exercise bike and the other group do a quite 30 minutes of relaxation. Both groups measured and immediate drop in stress and anxiety after their 30 minutes of either rest or activity.

However, that was not the test.

Next the researchers took the “subjects” and showed them a series of pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral pictures to try and spike their anxiety levels. Everybody was shown the same pictures.

Apparently these were pretty raw pictures. The pleasant ones were what you would imagine. Images of friends having fun, fun activities, gorgeous scenery, and more. The neutral images were things like a cup and other furniture pieces. The unpleasant images where violent and graphic images of not cool things.

Bottom line:

The researchers found that the stress and anxiety levels of the groups that just rested went right back up. The exercise group did not however. They were able to maintain emotional and stress composure.

Imagine Being Able To Control Your Emotional Moments

Think about this for a little bit. Go back to all those moments when you get stressed out and want to emotionally eat. If you have a consistent exercise program going, you can inherently control your stress and anxiety and stop those extra calories from entering your body.

Simply put, you would not feel the stress like you normally would… maybe not at all.

Exercise has also proven to work really well with depression symptoms. I think this is a really big benefit because we’ve been in tough economic times for over 5 years now and at this moment it doesn’t look like anything is really getting better.

Exercise is so much more than just weight loss. The benefits of exercise touch us in so many positive ways.

And you guessed it… I’ll have a many more studies showing these great and far reaching benefits.