I Don’t Care If You’re Paleo {Paleo Cookbook Giveaway}

Please friends, if there is one thing that I want you to take away from my blog its this… there is no “magic diet” for weight loss. Atkins, cabbage, HGC, etc… those diets are fads and fads only hang around for a short amount of time.

Here’s what I mean: When you follow one of these restrictive diets you will lose weight, BUT (and this is a big but for a reason) as soon as you introduce normal food back into your daily life that weight will just pile right back on again.



Paleo pesto chicken with sweet potato fries and salad

Recently, I’ve had clients tell me that they were thinking about going on the “paleo diet” and they asked me my thoughts.

Never shy to give my opinion, I answered back that there is no such thing as a paleo diet.

Eating paleo is a nutritional lifestyle that some choose. It’s not a short term way to drop 20 pounds by vacation time.

It’s just the same as if someone followed a vegan diet (like I did for 2 years), or a vegetarian diet, or heck if they ate “American”. It’s a term to classify an actual nutrition lifestyle.

Will you lose weight going paleo? Chances are yes, because you will be eliminating processed foods and high carbs, which will help to decrease your overall calories. But if you think that going paleo for just 4 short weeks is the solution to your weight loss prayers, then you will be disappointed.

Is Eating Paleo A Good Thing? 

Well, that’s up to you. Since being vegan, I’ve opened my eyes up to people’s nutritional choices. I think that if it works for you, if it helps you eat better, more nutritious foods and you feel awesome then yes, it’s fabulous.

Do I eat paleo? Good heavens no! Though I did experiment with it back when I was vegan (the pegan project)!

I don’t follow any diet except a clean one. I am no longer willing to put labels on my own eating habits as I am now more aware of what my body wants and needs. And I give in to those desires and requirements.

BUT, I do think that a lot of paleo elements are great to incorporate into a diet.

A few of the paleo beliefs that I incorporate into our kitchen: 

  • No dairy (here’s the reason behind that)
  • Lots of fresh fruits and veggies (just a given)
  • Low grain (paleo is grain-free but we do use oatmeal, rice and quinoa)
  • Nut flours (I try to keep our gluten intake down to a minimum and bake with only flour alternatives)
  • Organic grass fed meats (no antibiotics, hormones, etc for us)

As you see, there are quite a few elements that we agree with. My choices above were not based on a paleo diet, they just happen to be similar beliefs! So if you are paleo, or are thinking about it, then go for it. If it works for you… awesome!

I personally think that every diet has some great elements that we can use. Which is why I think my personal nutrition right now is a hodge podge of several healthy diets!

Paleo Cookbook Package Giveaway 


So when the nice people of Adams Media asked if I would like copies of two different paleo cookbooks, I said sure! I love adding to my cookbook collection!

I received:

–> Paleo Smoothies: 150 Smoothie Recipes For Ultimate Health

–> The Spicy Paleo Cookbook


I was really excited for both. I tend to find a good shake and just stick to it forever, so I was in need for a change! Our dinners were the same, week after week I felt as if we were eating the same old things. I needed some foodspiration.

I really liked both books, the Spicy Paleo has over 200 recipes, and they are all pretty simple. That is extremely important as I don’t get home until late. I want something fast to just throw together.

This was our first meal:


Chicken Cashew Curry. Except that I left out the chicken and replaced it with all sorts of veggies to make it vegan (we still eat vegan 2-3 nights/week). It was delicious and like the title of the book, was full of spice!

It was a hit in our home! I’ve tried a few other recipes and all of been great so far. Up next are sweet potato latkes. I’ll let you know how they come out!

What I don’t like is the lack of pictures. I actually don’t buy cookbooks myself that don’t have pictures. I want to know what something is suppose to look like and I want to see how pretty it is plated! Just a personal preference. This book has no pictures, but at least the recipes have turned out great!

As for the smoothies… I am in smoothie paradise! I have made almond shakes, berry bombs and this:


I love using lavender to cook/bake when I get a new idea but it’s one of those things that just sits up in my cabinets going unused. When I saw a smoothie that called for lavender, I got super giddy. It’s the little things people.

This shake includes:

  • 3/4 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 tsp dried lavender
  • 1/4 cup strawberries
  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 banana

That’s it! Lavender has such a unique taste that is both relaxing and invigorating all at once. No?


A bonus of this book… it has pictures! Not of every smoothies (there are 150) but of many. The pictures definitely made me excited to try more “exotic” recipes!

Your Turn To Win

Those same nice folks that sent me these books, were kind enough to send one of you a copy of each as well. They are sitting on my dining room table just begging to be mailed out!

To enter all you have to do is… 

1. Leave a comment down below telling me what goes into your favorite shake.

Get additional entries by: 

1. Following me on Twitter and tweeting how about this awesome giveaway! Make sure to leave an additional comment letting me know! 

2. Liking the Facebook page and sharing about this giveaway on your page! 

A random winner will be chosen Friday! Good luck!

**While these books were given to me, I did not receive monetary compensation. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.**


  • Greens and Plant Fusion are a must in any smoothie!

  • The great thing about paleo is that it teaches people to eliminate a lot of processed foods but I do agree that the best “diet” for someone depends on their personal needs. Peanut butter and banana shakes all the way!

  • I love adding PB to my shakes. Makes it taste so rich

  • Sheena

    I love sneaking veggies like spinach into our morning smoothies, my boyfriend hasn’t yet noticed 😉 We also love greek yogurt, it’s one of the few cow dairies we eat.

    I don’t twitter but I G+ the crap outta stuff, hahaha!

  • My favorite shake is really, really simple:
    Strawberries, peaches, blueberries, and low/non fat yogurt. Adjust quantities to taste. It’s so easy, and it’s super delicious.

  • Sarah

    Love almond butter or just throwing in a handful of almonds! Adds so much flavor to it.

  • Eveliz

    I don’t really have a favorite shake… but the shakes that tastes the best always have bananas 🙂 I LOVE BANANAS! I make shakes based on what sounds best that day.

  • I’d like to win. My favorite ingredient for a shake is a frozen banana, because I love the consistency it gives the shake. Plus, that way I don’t need to use ice and bananas are good, lots of potassium which you need post-workout!

    I do agree, I like cookbooks with pictures. My food would never look like that, but at least having something to go off of is a good thing.

  • Jenny

    My favorite is almond butter & banana, yum! Both look like great cookbooks, fun to try new things.

  • Heather

    Coconut milk
    Protien powder
    Coconut peanut butter

  • Carmen Wedman

    I love to put veggies into my shakes. Especially for my 1 year old. Sometimes I think that is the only veggies he will eat. I am also a huge fan of bananas in my shakes.

  • Katrina

    My favorite is unsweetened vanilla almond milk, ice, spinach, banana, and arbonne vanilla protein powder!

  • Sheri johnson

    Well, seeing as I really don’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes to making smoothies…I think I NEED this book to help me and open up my mind to different smoothie possibilities so I can find a favorite ingredient!!!

  • Riss

    I always have frozen bananas in my shakes! They just make them have such a great texture. I love combining bananas, celery, almond butter, and protein powder!

  • Rebecca

    Almond butter, chocolate protein powder, banana, cinnamon, almond milk, and a little vanilla extract 🙂

  • Confession: I have never made a shake! GASP!

  • Maggie

    I love adding a bit of avocado to berry protein smoothies. It makes it so creamy and filling!

  • Melissa

    I love frozen pineapple, coconut Greek yogurt, scoop of protein powder, coconut milk and blend! Yummy

  • Dana

    anything with strawberries

  • Rachel R

    I like adding a frozen banana to my smoothies. It makes them nice and creamy.

  • treasa

    I love PB, strawberry and banana shakes. 🙂

  • Rachel R

    I re-tweeted your post about the giveaway

  • Ann

    I love to put bananas and dark chocolate in my smoothies

  • Ann

    Definitely lots of strawberries and bananas! Otherwise, I like to change things up!

  • Anna

    I like to add cinnamon!!! Its even better when blended with almond milk a banana and an apple… tastes like pie!

  • Ann

    Frozen bananas, strawberries and spinach!! 🙂

  • Anna

    Yes, and I tweeted!

  • Feel free to randomly pick me!!
    Those cookbooks look freaking awesome!
    Favorite shake is:
    Almond milk
    1/2 sweetpotato
    Scoop vanilla protein powder
    Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger

    Pure heaven! Mmmmm!

  • Heidi

    I love valerian roo and casein protein in my nighttime smoothie!!

  • justine

    I love to include beets in my berry smoothies! Adds more iron!

  • Katrina Moreno

    I shared on facebook!

  • Tracy

    Putting Advocare Protein in all my shakes, to help balance out the carbs.

  • D’Arcy

    I have to have spinach and or some dark color greens

  • Elizabeth

    I like to add: avocado, spinach, plain Greek yogurt, flax seed, any frozen fruit and SoBe Lifewater (especially Blackcherry Dradonfruit).

  • Mary

    Gotta love some frozen banana, almond milk, almond butter and a dash of chia seeds and flax to keep you full longer!

  • Samantha

    I love frozen bananas, almond milk or coconut milk, almond butter and gelatin.

  • Jayne

    frozen peaches

  • amanda

    I love mango in a smoothie.

  • Allison


  • Cathy

    My favorite smoothie is
    Romaine lettce
    Greek yogurt
    Protien powder
    Chai see
    Lemon juice

  • Deborah

    My favorite shake contains coconut milk, kale or frozen chopped spinach, almonds, blueberries, protein powder.

  • leonasmithers

    If you want, you can find huge base of paleo recipes for delicious meals through
    http://paleo.weky.net Enjoy !

  • Debby

    I love what you said about not putting labels on it. I want to enjoy cooking and eating delicious real food. The labels just get in the way.

    As for shakes, I don’t always add this, but sometimes I put some grassfed gelatin in for a little boost.

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