I Love My Cat… I Keep Reminding Myself

by TaylorR


I have to say, I know everyone says they have the “best” pets but my babies really are the best! lol… (insert eye roll here).

Nike is our 11 month kitten and she is probably the closest thing you can get to a dog without actually being a dog. She is one of the most dependent cats I’ve ever seen. I think it has to do with Dan and I both working from home so she is used to one of us always being around for her to love on, bite on and whine to (she whines like a 3-year old).

This is clearly an older picture, but I can't help how adorable it is...

Plus, the relationship she has my my 8-year old dog, Zoe is just too freaking adorable. These two play together, lay together, argue together, and lick on each other! It’s like true siblings I guess.

But OMG, Nike felt the need to wake me up at 4:00 am this morning. It’s not like I don’t already complain enough that I wake up at 5, and yes that 1 hour makes one hell of a difference.

At first I thought she just wanted to play so I kept pushing your away or telling her to “hush”, then Dan and I began to worry that she was trying to tell us something (some strange 6-sense thing), so that bothered me enough to make sure the doors were locked, the grill has been turned off and that Zoe was okay.

But guess what… turns out all she really wanted to do was play… and by play I mean attack her mom continuously until I eventually gave up and rolled out of the bed…

Thanks Nike. She is just lucky that she is the cutest thing ever and that I can’t refuse that face!

What have your pets done to annoy you lately? 


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