What Is Your Ideal WeightWhen it comes to understanding your ideal weight, most women have everything backwards and upside down. It doesn’t help that there are a host of different calculators on the Internet that try to tell you what if you’re healthy or not.

Even with all of these calculators, everybody is missing the point of being healthy. In other words it can’t be boiled down to one number that a calculator can tell you.

Let’s go over this so you can really tell if you are at an ideal weight and if you are at an ideal health range.

BMI Calculator, ABSI Calculator, BMR Calculator, & More?

The most famous measure of “health” is the BMI index of the body mass index. This is a ratio of your waist to your hips, but it’s very general and missing a lot of other data. This other data, such as your lean muscle mass, activity index, and even the position of fat deposits on your body can force a poor output.

That means you might be in a healthy BMI range but you actually are in danger health wise. It could also be the opposite where you are overweight according to the BMI range but in reality, you are clearly healthy.

The ABSI or A Body Shape Index is your waist circumference divided by two thirds your BMI score times half your height. The main difference with this index is it takes in your waist circumference and your height. The idea here is fat deposits around your abdomen are the most dangerous to your health. What this number does is tell you if you are too large around your abdomen.

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Finally your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate calculator. This is the best in my opinion although it’s prone to a lot of inaccuracy. This calculator gives you an idea of the number of calories your body burns daily at it’s base level. Your base level is when you’re not moving, not exercising, not eating, essentially, when you’re doing pretty much nothing.

Off of this number, you can estimate what your body burns each day and knowing that number can help you burn fat really quickly.

I do like this calculator, but you have to be very honest with yourself.

All These Calculators… But What Is My Real Ideal Weight?

Women want to know what they ideal weight really is. The truth of the matter is, there is no ideal weight per say. Your body is different and just going off your weight does not mean you are healthy. There are plenty of smaller women that lack lean muscle mass and their bodies are skinny fat. This is when you hold lots of fat but your skinny because you have to muscle. It’s just as dangerous as being fat.

What you really want to do is have a healthy lifestyle.

By concentrating on living a healthy lifestyle, you will automatically end up weighing a healthy weight. You’ll burn fat, you’ll build lean muscle, you’ll feel good, you’ll look good… it’s automatic.

Here are some measures of health and strength you can use right now to help:

Look Into the Mirror1. Look In The Mirror

This might be tough, but look in the mirror. Be honest about where your body fat tends to accumulate. For most women it’s going to be in the stomach area or in the hips. Just be familiar with your body and as you live the right lifestyle, you will see things change rapidly.

2. Do 20 Pushups Straight

95% of women can’t do this. But it’s a great measure of strength and lean muscle mass. If you can’t do any pushups or very little, then that is a clear sign that you’r metabolism can use a boost.

Increasing lean mass and strength will boost your basal metabolic rate and help you become a lot healthier.

3. Run a Mile

Can you run a mile with little trouble? If not then you’re not really in good cardiovascular shape.

You should be able to pretty easier jog a mile without stopping. If you can then you will be in much better shape and that will help you burn fat as well.

4. Take Your Body Measurements

Measure your arms at the bicep, your waist at the belly button, your biggest part of your hips, your thighs, and your neck.

These are all important measurements. Rather than compare them because you know if you’re in shape or not, just work on living a healthy lifestyle.

One or twice a month, take the same measurements again and compare them. You’ll quickly see them change a lot. They will all get smaller. That means you’re losing fat and building lean mass. This is how a tight, sleek body is constructed for a women.

Don’t Put Your Health At The Mercy Of A Certain Number

I hope this made you think enough about what your health is really about. It’s not going to be a number that some calculation gives you.

You can be great with your BMI and your ABSI but still be completely out of shape with a really slow metabolism. That puts you at risk.

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