If You Want Results, You Might Not Like Your Workouts (Trainer Confession)

Here’s a confession:

I’m very frustrated with my results lately. Or should I say lack of results.

And I don’t get excited/jazzed for the workouts I need to do to make things change.

Here’s the thing…

If you follow me on Instagram, you know my workout style…

I workout HARD. I push my pace, I challenge myself and I love it. But (there’s always a but), I don’t workout to improve. I workout to sweat, burn and feel like I got a workout in.

My husband (Dan) calls it going through the movements instead of working on improvements.

If that sounds confusing, hang with me because I know I am not the only one that suffers from intensity disease.

I love MetCons!

Metabolic conditioning where you see the workout, you set a timer and you go ALL out until it’s done.

Maybe it’s to see how many rounds you can squeeze into a set amount of time, maybe its to see how fast you can complete x-amount of rounds, maybe it’s an every minute on the minute workout…

That’s my style, it’s what I enjoy and quite frankly, that’s what I am good at. My aerobic capacity is pretty strong.

But what isn’t strong is my strength.

I haven’t gotten stronger lately because I stick to what I’m good at.

kettlebell squat

This workout was so tough!

As a trainer, I know to get stronger and build more muscle mass (which is my goal), I have to slow down and focus more on… wait for it, wait for it…


When you’re knocking out a 20 minute AMRAP or an EMOM workout, you can’t exactly go heavy enough to get into a strength building zone. You’ll be dripping in sweat, your muscles will be burning, and you’ll feel exhausted but you won’t build a lot of muscle.

(Let me be clear… if working out is new to you, then yes, at the beginning your body will respond.
You’ll tone up, lean out, get stronger because you weren’t used to lifting weights at all.)

But after time, results will slow and your body becomes adapted.

Basically, MetCons are cardio sessions for me instead of goal focused sessions. Great for endurance, not so great for either of the two goals:

1 – Get Stronger
2 – Add Muscle Mass

Why I Have A Hard Time

  • Because focusing on strength means slowing down and resting more during workouts.
  • Because it means backing off of what I’m good at and focusing on weaknesses.
  • Because it means making changes to my programming and making changes to anything can be hard.

Let’s be honest, those are excuses. I’ve come to realize recently that while I thought I was moving in a direction of progress over the past few weeks, I was lying to myself.

But here’s the best part, once you realize you’re making excuses, YOU CAN CHANGE.

change yourself

So what’s a woman to do that isn’t training herself the way she would train her clients?
–> She gets herself a trainer. Luckily, I just happened to be married to one of the best! 

I’ll be honest… I would love to say since I see my issues and accepted them, I will change the way I program my workouts. BUT… that’s likely not what will happen.

Sure, I’d change for a few days but then I’d see some awesome workout posted up somewhere and do that instead with the intentions of going back to my new program the next day. But then the next day will come and I’d be tempted to experiment with another workout that screams KINDAL.

So that’s where my own trainer comes in. Trainers have trainers. They make you do what you should do instead of what you want to do.

And that’s definitely Dan.

We actually had our first official training session today! It went well and I loved the extra push and the reminder to slow down, focus on weight intensity… not speed.

(I’ll share my workout down below if you’re interested.)

So. There ya go. That’s what’s going down.

I’m sure you’ve heard the tip that to workout regularly, you need to find something you love, right?

Well, I’m calling BS on that.

If you want specific results, you have to do a specific type of training. And you might not like it, but you’ll love the results.

Will I stop doing MetCons while I’m aiming for my goal?

Heck, no.

I don’t recommend taking away EVERYTHING you love about working out!

But I’ll probably be limiting them to 2 times per week (instead of 5) and focusing the rest of my training days (3) on building strength and working on improving my weaknesses.

So here’s the question… are you like me? You work hard but aren’t hitting your goals or seeing results?

It’s time to ask yourself what you’re doing and what can you do to make things change?

Just maybe, Fit Womens Weekly has the answer for ya? Yup, shameless plug because it works!

Today’s Training Session:

5 Rds For Quality Reps

6 Barbell Hip Extensions (started at #95 and increased up to #135)
6 Double Kettlebell Presses (started with #35s and finished the last set with single #40)
8 Chest To Bar Pullups
8 Double Kettlebell Deadlifts (#70 in one hand, #62 in the other… alternated rounds)
100 Feet Sled Sprint (#135 added to sled)

Need training help?

Ready to break free and start seeing results? FWW is waiting and you can get started for FREE. Nothing to lose but a lot of results to gain!


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