I’m A Big Fat Fatty McFatterson: Why You Sabotage Your Own Results

Over 90% of women have issues with their bodies. That’s normal, we’re human and we are always our own worst enemies.

No matter how often our husband tells us we are beautiful or we receive compliments from friends, we always have a twinge of self-doubt… do they mean it? Do they not see what I see?

But it’s that mental doubt and self talk that is likely hurting you and your results. I can’t tell you how many times I hear women call themselves fat, ugly and out of shape.

It makes me sad because if they are seeing me, it means they are taking action… they are one step closer to their goals then they were yesterday simply by getting to their workout.

Whether you’re fat or not, what good is it going to do to remind yourself of your flaws? Except to drive you mad, make you feel depressed, make you feel defeated, and deflated. The brain reacts with what you feed it… so if you focus on being fat, being out of shape and out of energy then guess how you’ll stay?

Yup… overweight, out of shape and out of energy.

But give yourself mental pep talks by staying positive and suddenly everything else will change too. Suddenly, you will have more of a drive to hit goals, you’ll be more excited about life and feel more confident, thinking to yourself “YES I CAN!

So no more “I’m a fatty” talk or “OMG, this cellulite is disgusting” chit chat with yourself.

Instead focus on what you’re doing or going to do (starting today) to change things. And all the awesome things going on in your life (which no matter how awful you think things are at times… there is always something good going on).

Think about the positive results that will come by taking it day by day.

Focus on what you love about yourself instead of what you hate. Even better, for every time you say you don’t like something about yourself… turn around and say two things you do like. Can you do it?

Let’s Practice: Self Love


For example…

I don’t like my nose. I know it’s large, it is something I have been teased about my entire life, but it does give me character and personality I suppose. So that’s my “pick on myself”.

Now the fun stuff: 

I love my legs. They are strong, toned and help me to accomplish so much. From deadlifting 145 lbs (which I did on Tuesday) to running 13.1 miles straight… my legs have gotten me far in life. It doesn’t hurt that my husband loves them too 🙂

I also love my flat chest. Yup, I love not having big boobs. Back in the day when I was heavier I had D’s so I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. I love being able to wear Target sports bras and that giving all the support I need. I love the freedom to run to the store in a t-shirt and no bra without feeling self-conscious that someone will notice I am going free. And I love that they don’t get in my way when I exercise, eat, or sit at a desk.

Love Yourself Every Day

Naturally, we want to pick at our weaknesses instead of our strengths. It’s the way a lot of us are conditioned. But just like above, this negative energy affects all aspects of life and success… from body image to jobs. It all floods over.

It’s time to change!

  • Every time you find yourself about to say something negative, change. If you start to say.. “I can’t” catch yourself and say “I’ll give it my all.” 9 out of 10 times you will find that you in fact can and even if you can’t at least you tried. Wow, does that make sense?
  • Every time you look in the mirror and want to say, “gosh I am fat” instead say… I am beautiful and working on becoming more gorgeous and more confortable in my own skin every day.”

It helps a lot to surround yourself with positive affirmations: quotes, audios, pictures, and people. I know it sounds so cheesy, but surround yourself with love and inspiration.

After a week or two, you’ll feel yourself uplifted and moving in a much more positive direction! And not just with your body but with life.

Happy Friday!

What’s your FAVORITE body part?


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