I’m Not A Crossfitter, So Why Am I Doing The Crossfit Open Workouts?

Week 2, 17.2, of the Crossfit Open is in the books! Just like 17.1, I competed 17.2 twice.


Because I am a glutton for punishment.

Nah, that’s not the reason.

It’s because Dan and I like to do the workouts together on the weekend and then I do them again with Alex on Monday.

This technique is both smart and insanely idiotic.

Smart because the 1st time you do a workout, you’re not quite sure how to go about it. You become familiar with it and learn what you can do differently to improve when you do it again. (This is why I promote assessment workouts so flipping much!).

Idiotic because I know what to expect and I’m not always thrilled to at it again just a day or two later. And yes, soreness/fatigue play a part too. For 17.1, I did better the second time. 17.2, not so much. My arms/chest where still recovering after doing the “muscle ups” 2 days earlier. Ugh.

Before chatting about the why… let’s chat about 17.2 REAL fast.

If you are so sick and tired of recaps, I’ll make it short and sweet… my score was 84. I got to the muscle-ups and was able to do 6…

SIX you guys!! That’s huge. Now they were ugly AF, but I started under the bar, and got on top of the bar. And my arm never rested… so those reps would have counted. If I was actually doing the Open.

That to me is success. Next goal… make them pretty (and safe).

Okay, back to the point…

Why I’m A Non-Crossfitter Doing The Crossfit Open Workouts

When this post is published, 17.3 will have been announced and I’ll likely be watching videos of tips and watching the “race” on the Crossfit Open page (Dan makes fun of me for watching people exercise, but I think it’s fun).

Have I mentioned that as much as I am into this, I don’t do Crossfit? I’m not even signed up for the Open? I spend a lot of time clarifying to people on social media that I am not a crossfitter?


So then why in the hell do I put so much
energy into these workouts?


You guys… you know I am competitive.

I love a challenge, I love a race, and I LOVE competing not only against others, but against myself.

And yes, you better believe that I look at friends/bloggers who are doing the Open to see if I did better.

I love a test. In fact, we do assessment workouts with our clients all the time, but I don’t get to partake in these and so I feel like the Open gives me a taste of what I tend to dish out to my ladies.

I love to see how I can improve or how I am doing. It makes me feel both strong and weak (simultaneously).

Events like this are humbling and really push me (and Dan) outside of our comfort zones.

For example, I don’t use dumbbells. We have them at our studios, but I can’t tell you the last time I used a set in one of my workouts. So to use them for these past 2 workouts, it’s been a fun change!

Who cares if no one will ever see my scores? Who cares if my reps don’t count?

They count to me and it’s kind of fun to know that while I am doing my workout, there are TONS of women doing the same workout around the world. I don’t know that’s pretty cool… and empowering… and makes me feel like a badass woman. And isn’t that the theme right now?

So when someone ask… “Why are you doing the Open, you don’t even Crossfit”, here’s the answer.

Personal drive and curiosity. Duh.

Are you doing the Open Workouts? 


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