I’m Not Superwoman? Tips To Recovery From Being Human

I can do that. I can do that too. Oh okay, might as well do that too. Sure, but this is the last thing. Oh fine, what’s one more thing added to my list? 

Sound familiar?

We want to do it all. Say no to no one and yes to everyone.

superwomanI don’t know about you but I often think I am the Energizer Bunny. I can go and go and go, without any fear of every running out of battery power.

I also like to think my body is that of Superwoman’s… indestructable and able to do everything without fear of consequences.

But I’m not Superwoman or the Energizer Bunny and neither are you.

I am learning this right now. I’ve pushed the limits and my body is telling me to slow down, be human for a day or two.

It’s Hard Being Human

It’s hard to acknowledge weakness and fatigue. It’s even harder to acknowledge it and then do something about it.

But that’s exactly what I am doing right now. Focusing on my body and mind, reminding myself that if I keep forcing it to work as hard as I do, there will be major consequences. I’m already seeing some.

Slowing down is a requirement!


I know I am not alone in this…

Did you know that there are 175 MILLION vacation days that will go unused this year by Americans? Did you also know that France requires 30 vacation days for workers, while America requires 0. And that out of 20 developed countries, American os beat only by Japan in having the least amount of vacations/holidays off? Source

And that’s all just in the work front. Who knows how much we’re over doing it at home, the gym, and every other aspect of life.

It’s sad but we live in a society that urges us to go, go, go, and go some more.

Too Much Too Soon

Over the past 5 weeks, I’ve raced in 4 races. Let me clarify, there is a difference in running a race and racing a race. Running a few of them wouldn’t have been so tough… but racing them all has proven to have been too much for my body.


The point I realized I’m human

On top of racing, I’ve been filming workouts and working hard with Dan in the gym to tackle some big goals. But you know what?

I feel farther than ever from them.

I’ve suddenly never felt weaker or more fatigued in my life. In fact, during the taping on Monday I had a mini melt down afterwards, expressing to Dan how it took everything out of me to complete the 25 minute workout. How my legs felt like bricks and my mind wanted to give up the moment I started.

It was a clear sign that I’ve done too much too soon.

I’ve pushed my body beyond the breaking point and I deserve all the side effects I get.

It’s my fault.

But it’s also my job to listen and to do something about it.

Talk about being humbled. I was.

How To Build Back Up To Be Superwoman

Dan has noticed for about the past 3 weeks that something has been off. This was the first workout that really felt “off”…


He asked yesterday what was going on. Then he mentioned that for most workouts, he’s normally working to keep up with me, and now I look as if I am suffering from the get go. What gives?

I’ve lost my Superwoman strength and now it’s time to be human for a few days/weeks to build back up.

And chances are you’ll go through, or perhaps you’ve been through the same situation.

Becoming human can be from physical or mental breakdowns, but we can become the Superwomen that we once were.

That’s the cycle… Human –> Superwoman –> Human –> Superhuman

Life isn’t stagnant, we don’t stay in the same position forever, we will have ups and downs.

5 Ways To Recover From Being A Human

feeling human

1 – Don’t ignore the signs.

If you feel like you’re overtraining, over working, over ____, then follow your instincts and do something now. If you push it off, the signs will get worst and the consequences become more dreadful.

2 – Take time.

Be selfish and take time for yourself. We all need to focus on ourselves and stop always trying to please everyone else. If you have an office, during lunch close the door, turn of the lights and just rest. Go for a walk all by your lonesome after work, or book a massage.

3 – Say no.

This is the hardest for many women, at least it is for me. Saying no means you’re letting someone down. But that’s life, sometimes you have to walk away to keep balance and build back up your superhuman strength. If you’re burnt out, for 2-3 weeks practice this:  “no, I’m sorry I just can’t right now,” until you’re feeling back up and at it.

4 – Don’t sweat it.

If you’re burnt out from working out or racing like me, then take 1-2 (sometimes more) weeks to decrease the intensity of your workouts, take some new fitness classes, or even take time off completely. After Monday’s training I realized how much my body was affected by the races so I cancelled my track workout and pushed it back a few more days. I’ll be keeping everything this week light and focused on recovery.

5 – It’s okay to be emotional.

This is such a “woman thing to say” but it’s true. I really needed a good cry on Monday and having such a humbling experience with my workout allowed all those feelings to swell up and out. It’s okay to say, “no, I’m not in a great place right now… I need to chill the heck out.” As soon as I finally allowed my emotions to come out I felt better, even a little stronger.

The bottom line is this, don’t ignore your body. We only have this one beautiful vehicle to get us through this life and just like a car, it needs a tune up from time to time… don’t be one of those people that feels they’re different, they really are the Energizer Bunny… because even those people will run out of juice and will be left unable to bang their drum.

What do you do when you feel burnt out? 

Who’s your favorite commercial character? 

I love Tony The Tiger!


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