I’m So Sorry!!

I know it’s been unusually long since my last post.. I had gotten into a great habit of writing everyday and So I’m sorry that I broke that and it’s been almost a week.

BUT… there is a huge and an exciting reason for my blog writing slack! We’ve been working super hard getting everything just perfect for my big surprise! Soon, very soon you’ll see exactly what I am talking about and you’ll be just as excited as I am…
That is of course if you like being around other women that have the same fitness ideals and passions as you so; if you love having great clean eating tips and recipes and if you just like to chat about exercise and your daily hectic life (and trust me, I know hectic too). I’m not going to give more away today, but I will say that from now on I am going to be a regular poster again.

And where’s Valerie? Val has been busy too… at the moment she’s away with her top level gymnasts that she coaches at a summer camp in Kentucky but don’t worry she’ll be back and in to Lifting Revolution this weekend and women’s exercise will be the big topic!