I’m Tired Of Sucking: Rules To Be More Accomplished

How’s that for starting off the day?

Okay, so I don’t suck (no one does) but I did have a “moment” yesterday.

trackTuesday is perhaps my favorite workout day because right now, I am doing two-a-days. I know that sounds like torture but starting the day off with my friend Katie while we tackle speed work always feels like an accomplishment. Then after a few hours of blogging and emailing I get to meet up with Amanda and Dan for a weight lifting routine.

Don’t worry, Wednesday is rest.

Katie and I use our speed work not just for working on speed but it’s our therapy session. We talk about running, family, and life. I’ve learned that there is no need to pay for therapy when you have friends that can relate to you.

Which might be why I haven’t had my hair cut in months (hair dressers make great shrinks too).

During one of our recovery laps, we got to talking about how far we’ve come in our athletic abilities. Both of us grew up active and involved in sports (she was a dancer, I was a gymnast) but we never really thought we had real talent, and no one was there to tell us to keep going or to work harder.

Of course we had support but we didn’t have motivators in our lives when it came to athletics.

So we quit. We both walked away from our sports without anyone there to question our decisions or to say, “you know what… you need to keep working at it, don’t quit.”

Fast forward to today.

What Can You Accomplish? 



Sometimes I feel like I don’t push myself hard enough. I settle for goals I am proud of but am I really working at my full potential?

OR… are we still stuck with the idea of: “Oh I’m not very good, so I’ll settle for what I think I can do now.”

Are any of us really working to our full potential and accomplishing not just what we expect but even more?

While, I may not suck, I do think I can be stronger, faster, better with my business, a better wife, and a better person. But it takes work.

Rules On How To Not Suck



1. Don’t Stay Comfortable. 

I truly make an effort to get out of my comfort zone every day. It’s the only way progress will happen. What’s the old saying… “Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over but expecting different results.”

If you want to be better at anything, you have to stop doing what you’re doing.

Track work is new to me, it’s uncomfortable, it’s hard but it’s also one of the most rewarding workouts you can do. To run fast, you have to train fast.

I will say, Katie and I do our fair share of moaning for the first 15 minutes of training. But we stick to our workout plans and finish. Never half-assed.

For my business, being outside of my comfort zone means backing away from the safety of my computer and getting out to do interviews, stand behind the camera and whatever else we can conjure up to help build my brand.

2. Drop The Nagging

We’re women.

We nag.


And as much grief as husbands might give us for nagging them, we are guilty of nagging ourselves even more. How often do you find yourself saying things like:

“Oh, I can never do that.”

“Why can’t I have legs like her’s?”

“I’m such a fatty, why can’t I just put this cookie down?”

We all do it. But STOP, the mind is a tricky thing. It follows direction really well and if you keep saying you can’t do something, you won’t. If you call yourself a fatty, you’ll stay a fatty. Tough love.

Instead focus on positive comments and self love. Say things like “I am going to try to do…” or “I love my body, so I am going to start fueling it better with healthy foods and better workouts.”

I know it sounds tough, but it’s possible. Just become aware of your negative talk. When you feel it coming, change the words around to be more uplifting and…

3. Goal Oriented. 

quitting goals


Make realistic goals. At least that’s what we’ve always been told, right?

Screw being realistic, because in my experience, I think that realism keeps us from achieving more, it stops us short.

Sure, you want a goal that is attainable, that goes without being said. BUT… you always want a goal that might be a little outside of your belief.

Making it just a tad bit bigger than you would have if staying “realistic” might just lead to celebration and you announcing to the world, “I don’t suck… I rock!”

You don’t have to share these big goals with everyone, but sharing them with at least one person will definitely help keep the fire under your butt lit and the momentum to succeed going full speed ahead.

4. What’s In It For Me? 

It’s okay to be selfish. Humans naturally are.

be selfish


When it comes to most things in life, be a little selfish. There is no reason not to fit in your workouts just because your husband has to work late. If you want a job promotion, but you know your friend wants it too, well, that’s life. Go for it.

Don’t hold back on your dreams and goals because of others around you.

I honestly think that this is the drawback for many women. We focus our attention on everyone else and forget that it’s okay to be “me me me”.

So, after the speed workout… I have decided to no longer be okay with subpar results. Each new opportunity that comes my way I really do want to give my all and see what this crazy blonde can accomplish. Who’s with me?

What’s one thing you do for yourself each day? 

For me it’s my workouts. It is the only time I can completely disconnect and focus on me. Sometimes, I am not successful and thoughts of my To-do list pop up, but for the most part, it’s the hour that I can be me. Not Trainer Taylor, not a boot camp owner, not a wife, just me.


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