Nutritional Health Insurance: Green Supplements Explained By The Kiwi

Aside from the “how long should it take me to drop “‘x” amount of pounds?” question…

The second most common question I receive is:

“What supplements do you take and/or believe in?”

Over the years, I’ve experimented with a lot of supplements. Ask and chances are I tried it (if it was proven to be safe).

I’ve gone back and forth in my thinking with them in terms of are they worth the money or not.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve done more and more research and I’ve changed the way I look at a lot of things in the health and fitness world.

This world is ever changing, and because of it, my own opinions change too. The way I exercise has morphed quite dramatically over the past years and so has my nutrition.

For the most part, I have gone supplement free for over 2-years now. Why? Because I am a big BIG believer that the body can get (most of) what it needs from a whole food based diet.

Give your body proper nutrition through high quality foods, and the need to pump it with synthetic supplements goes down.

At least that’s my own belief.

However, I do understand that sometimes that’s just not possible. Our bodies absorb nutrients from different foods differently, and while we’re encouraged to eat a “rainbow diet” for maximum nutrition, sometimes that’s pretty impossible. Not to mention a lot of our food is contaminated with pesticides even though it may be labeled organic… plus who knows what else.

That’s why Dan and I started taking a powdered green supplement a while back. It’s more of an insurance policy for my body. If I’m not eating something in particular (which is possible since we try to eat very local), adding a scoop of greens into our protein shakes help to ensure that we’re getting it else where.

So when people ask, “Taylor what supplements do you take?”

I answer back with:

  1. Protein (we use both Vega and SunWarrior)
  2. Athletic Greens 
  3. And Dan takes Juice Plus
  4. I’m testing a fish oil right now… I’ll share more later though… still testing!

While I can sit and type all the reasons why I take them, I thought it would be more fun (and helpful) to go to the source.

I invited Chris “The Kiwi”, creator of Athletic Greens to come on What The Fitness to share the science and the reasoning behind taking a powder filled with dried veggies and fruits (12 servings in fact).


I think you’re really going to love it.

What You’ll Learn About In This Episode:

– How the “healthiest” of people can have their bodies turn against them. Chris went from playing semi-pro sports to almost dying because his body wasn’t holding on to nutrients. Why? How?

– What makes a multi-vitamin a waste of money and provides the body with a neon-pee but not necessarily usable/absorbable nutrients.

– What makes green supplements different, and how the body is absorb the nutrients for optimal health.

– Athletic greens… why Chris wishes they weren’t called Athletic Greens & what makes them different than anything else.

– What happened when I gave up Athletic Greens for a month? Coincidence or truth?

– Plus more!

Curious to know what’s in each scoop? 

I’m not going to lie, taking a high quality supplement like Athletic Greens isn’t cheap. There are times when Dan and I sit down to decide if we’re going to keep taking them. Not because of their quality or because we doubt their usefulness, but at around $75 per container, we have to see if something else is going to require that money at that time.  But like a good protein,  you get what you pay for.

I want to thank Chris so much for coming on to the show today. It was an honor!

Chris was one of the nicest guys to talk with. So easy-going and passionate about his life, which makes it impossible not to like him immediately.

I know you’ll feel the same!

If you’re curious to try  Athletic Greens click here [affiliate link]. I would love the support… don’t feel obligated in any way though.

Listen, I know affiliate links can come off as disingenuous at times. Dan and I do believe in Athletic Greens so if you want to try it… you can use this non-affiliate link too:

Again, no obligation either way… if you try it or have tried it in the past, please leave your feedback.

What supplements do you take? 

Have you ever taken a green supplement?

**I was not compensated to write this post. Dan and I purchase our own Athletic Greens and I truly support them so much that I personally reached out to Chris to come on What The Fitness. We have tested numerous greens supplements as well. Every one pales in comparison to Athletic Greens when it comes to ingredients and taste though… as of yet we have not found one that’s quite as potent. Here is my initial video review of Athletic Greens from earlier this year.


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