This is a very common question which many of my members and clients ask. Plus I see it asked across many of the forums that I frequent.

New studies shows that doing three 10 minute blasts of exercise can be just as effective as doing one full out exercise session. But that does not mean you should break it up through out the day.

Here’s why I recommend you get it all done at one time and then you do a little extra which I’ll explain in just a minute.

The Trick To Breaking Exercise Up So It Works For You

If you are going to break your exercise up into three 10 minute chunks then you have to go all out. That means some hardcore intensity.

This will require the right type of workout and learning how to really push your body. Through training hundreds of women, I can say with confidence that not many women know how to really push themselves. That ability tends to come with more confidence.

However, if breaking your exercise up fits into your schedule and allows you to exercise, then do it. Not exercising will do nothing but hurt you.

Why Is Continuous Exercise A Better Option?

I fully recommend continuous exercise for a couple reasons:

1. You get it done with and checked off

Getting your workout done and checked off your list is a great feeling. It allows you to go through your day not having to stress out about it. Plus it will keep you from feeling guilty if you decide to skip your workout.

That is also why I really subscribe to you to try and get your workout done in the morning. That way it’s done and you have started your day off the best possible way.

2. It’s easier to handle from an intensity level

Continuous exercise allows you to go super intense in short bursts and let’s you rest more. When you have a full session, you have the luxury of resting because you have more time to push your body.

10 minutes is not very long and you have to push your body non-stop to get the full benefits.

So continuous training will fit your goals better and help you see faster results. As you can tell, these are all things researches don’t look at or consider.

What Is The Little Extra I Mentioned Above?

The little extra is the fact that throughout the day, if you keep moving here and there, you’ll lose weight much faster and feel better. New studies on sitting have shown how incredibly bad it is for our health.

This is one reason why throughout the day I’ll get up and walk around. I’ll go for a walk. I’ll challenge myself to do 40 pull ups throughout the day. I’ll do pushups or stretching, anything to get me moving.

This not only is great for your body, but it mentally keeps you alive and feeling good. You won’t have that crash if you get up every 45 minutes to an hour and do ten minutes of movement.

I hope that answered your question. If you have anything else you really want answered, make sure you submit it at my FAQ page.