Even if you’re in your middle 20’s, you might give a thought to brain health in old age. Whether you’ve seen the Notebook or you have actually dealt with a grandparent that has dementia or Alzheimer’s, you know it’s pretty horrible.

Protecting the brain has become one of the major areas of study. Reading, mind games, puzzles, and critical thinking were thought to protect and help our brain make new synapsis connections. However, new research out of the University of Edinburgh proves that NONE of this makes a difference.

What does?


The researchers looked at elderly people in their 70’s and found that physical activity helped to eliminate damage to white brain matter and even grow grey brain matter.

White matter helps to transmit signals around the brain. Grey matter is where the neuron cells are.

The elderly that did not partake in physical activity had damaged white matter and less grey matter too. That’s pretty serious as this is how memory and the ability to think clearly function.

Brain Games Don’t Seem To Work

The study also looked at those people that consistently played brain games, read books, puzzles, and other sedentary style activities. No real measure in improved brain matter was observed.

Pretty cool huh?

More evidence to that shows the power of exercise and what it can do for your body. But more than that, it also shows that it’s never too late to start and get immediate benefits from exercising.

Put it in your lifestyle… you will NEVER regret it.