Is “Lifting” Actually A Part Of My Life?

Remember when I talked a lot about this sort of stuff?

This was just taken for fun a few weeks ago, which is why so short and no editing.

And less about this sort of stuff?

I’ve been blogging for quite awhile now, and as my life changes so does the blog.

Let’s Look At My Fitness Over The Years:


4 years ago I was into figure competitions and had dreams of being on the cover of Oxygen Magazine.

strong woman

That’s a determined face! 

Then 2 years ago, I was all about strength. It didn’t matter how small or big I was, I could be strong. My workouts reflected this change in goals then as I trained for a strong women contest.

I can’t believe how much I used to be able to squat and bench!


Then 1 year ago, my fitness passion changed again. This time taking a 180-degree change from heavy lifting to running. I get a rush each time I walk into a race coral and love the energy and the feeling of achievement every time I cross a finish line.

I have to admit my favorite races where/are the ones where I could combine my love of lifting with my enthusiasm for running: obstacle courses. Unfortunately there aren’t many of them around, and those that do roll into town are quite expensive, limiting my enrollment to 1-2/year… which also means I spend a lot of time just: running.

Why I am telling you all this? 

Because I realized this past week that there has been a lot of running chat on Lifting Revolution, and let’s face it the blog is called LIFTING Revolution; not Running Revolution.


I haven’t done this on purpose, I share on the blog what is going on in my life real time and what I feel is important.

Let me make this clear though, I haven’t given up on my strength training at all. I just don’t talk about it as often. I added in running without taking away what made me passionate about fitness in the first place.

I also think that after writing posts and articles about strength training for so long, I subconsciously decided to take a breather. I lost some motivation.

But guess what folks!?

That motivation is back. Yes, running is important to me and I’ll still share some running tips (hello, Palmetto70 is approaching fast), but I feel that you deserve more, more of what I am about.

I have some great topics in mind that I want to cover, however… I want to hear from you!

What do you prefer: Strength training talk/advice or running talk?

I hope to find a happy medium very soon, as my life is an equal combination of both.

But I want to know what you want! After all, I write this blog for you and you deserve the best that I have to give!

Thanks for being a LR Reader!

Wew, now that I got that off my chest let me tell you about yesterday!

New Friends = Fun Fitness

Of course it started off as Saturdays normally do… yelling back and forth at Nike as she meows to wake us up.

black cat yawning

Once she won the battle, I headed out the door for my morning run. But this time it was different and so much better! I met up with another young, Charleston blogger/writter: Katie.

Katie and I had been chatting back and forth over Twitter until finally I had had enough and decided we had to get together. What better way for two fitness lovers to officially meet then over a run.

We had a great time and the miles passed by quickly. I love meeting others who share the same passions as me! There were no awkward moments, and we chatting from start to finish.

downtown charleston running

This girl is fast, and we both of goals of working on our short distance speeds so I have a feeling that there will be many more runs to come in the future!

Of course once the run was over… I ran a total of 7.5 miles, I celebrated with a almond milk latte.

Thanks Katie! Follow her on twitter! @DontHateTheKate


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