Being in love and falling in love are some of the best feelings we’ll ever feel. However, what if those feelings were causing us to pack on the body fat and lose our figure?

It’s not only possible for both women just dating to those in happy marriages, this scenario happens all the time.

Here’s are some tricks you can use to seize control of your food and even exercise while balancing love.

1. Be Proud To Be Healthy

If you are just dating, think about how much your diet changes. You tend to eat out more, you go to get drinks more often, and you go to ice cream or yogurt places a lot more.

This is a caloric downpour that can really wreck your body and your other nutritional habits.

To fix this one, be proud of being healthy. So when you go out to eat don’t shy away from telling the waiter or waitress to change things up. Just be proud to explain that you love to eat healthy. If a guy thinks that’s a negative attribute then just imagine what being with him in the longterm will be like.

2. Trick Your Husband (and Don’t Tell!)

One of the biggest issues my clients have is their husbands refusal to eat healthy. I don’t really understand why eating healthy for men is seen as emasculating, but it seems to be.

Because of this, most women get stuck making foods that don’t support fat loss. Maybe you live this scenario daily and it’s really tough trying to cook two meals so everybody can get what they want.

The best solution which has worked wonders for so many women is just cook the healthy meal and don’t mention anything about it. Many of my clients have done this and their husbands loved the meal. They didn’t notice a difference while eating and it was very satiating too.

NEVER tell your husband it’s healthy or that you switched ingredients. This will lead to a natural revolt even though they loved the food. Trend lightly but this is a great tactic to use.

3. Talk About Making New Habits Together

If being stealthy makes you feel strange, even though it’s for the best, try just being completely open. Sit down with your boyfriend or husband and talk about making a diet that is healthier. You can also talk about exercising together or at least doing more active things together.

If you get serious there has to be a good compromise and that is all you need to start something big. The smallest change can have a big impact because as certain foods are eliminated, both of you will feel so good you will want that to continue.

So get serious and really talk out the plan you want to happen.

Let Love Heal You And Not Hinder Your Health

Relationships can be really tough to deal with sometimes, but they are vital to who we are and want to be. It’s up to you to negotiate and don’t let your goal be sabotaged or overruled.

I know from experience working with so many clients that if you can share exercise with your spouse or boyfriend, sharing healthy nutritional choices becomes a lot easier.

At the very worst, you may need to cook two smaller meals for a little bit. But that will worth it and very easy when you use nutritional planning which you can always learn more about from Fit Women’s Weekly.

Let me know if you have any questions.