It Might Suck But It Makes Me Laugh: The Shake Weight

I L-O-V-E Ellen and just a few months ago she did a segment on the new women’s exercise equipment The Shake Weight… Ellen gives it the light comedy feel that it deserves!

Another piece of equipment that with just 6 minutes a do you can change your life… ummm no! It doesn’t raise your heart rate, so while you might actually tone your arms initially that’s not enough to burn fat so you can see the results.

AND… if you’ve been a regularly reader here at Lifting Revolution you know that the idea that weight training adds bulk is a bunch of bull crap. This is the kind of equipment that got me into this business… that gives false lies to women and makes it confusing for us to know what works and what doesn’t… but I will leave it up to you to make up your own opinion!

Thanks Ellen!

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The Shake Weight… Seriously?

Lets just remember the benefits…

Aside from toned arms from a proper weight training workout:

  • Increased bone density
  • Lower body fat
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved immune system
  • Increased strength, energy, endurance
  • Better sleep
  • Etc. Etc.

Here’s a workout to get great arms:

The Arm Exercises For Women:


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