It’s Not Okay To Do Things Like A Girl

The video below popped up on my Facebook news feed last week.

At first I was just going to avoid it (like I seem to do with nearly all videos). I saw that it was created by a big company and assumed that it was overly fabricated to sell whatever they were selling.

But a friend I trusted had shared it, with the title… “Wow, every woman should watch this.”

Okay, I’m a woman… so I did.

And it was so true… it’s crazy…

She was right. Every woman should watch this.

While I’m still skeptical about the “rawness” of the video, the point Always was trying to make was apparent and oh so true. I don’t care if it was or wasn’t unscripted because the truth is…

It’s Not Cool To Be A Girl


(Preview of our boot camp field day yesterday)

For the past few weeks, my boot camp team has been trying to come up with awesome tank top ideas.

We’ve brainstormed some great one liners but from the get-go I’ve had one vision stuck in my head that I can’t shake.

Something along the lines of… “Just Because I’m A Girl Doesn’t Mean I Workout Like One.”

I just haven’t be able to articulate it the way I want (if you have any suggestions let me know).

The reason being that most spouses assume our classes are “girlie” and laid back. It’s not until we have “bring your spouse day” that their wives gain their respect… as they lay on the ground huffing and puffing, praying for the workout to be over while their wives are often running laps around them.

It’s hilarious and I love it.

This was before the video, so I felt it was a bit ironic and at first I even felt guilty about my idea.

Here I am, a strong, independent woman, wanting to make other women feel strong and independent yet telling them it’s not cool to be a girl…

Or am I?

Are You A Girl Or A Woman?

Not at all. I see myself as a woman motivating others to be the real woman they can be.

Running like a girl isn’t a good thing, but neither is running like a boy. Call a guy a boy, and they are very quick to say they’re a man.

I’m sorry…

I don’t want to run like a girl.

I don’t want to fight like a girl.

I don’t want to act like a girl.

I want to be a woman.

And you should be too.

At least, I would think you would agree with me right?

One thing I’ve learned from working with women, is that unlike boys who learn to do things “manly” early on, women aren’t given those lessons unless they consciously seek them out.

I have 40 year old woman who have never learned how to run without flinging their arms. It’s not their fault that they still ran like a “girl”.

After a few lessons, they change quickly and began running like women.

How To Be Womanly

I think that the biggest differences between doing something “girlie” and doing something “womanly” are:


The confidence to just not give a you-know-what when someone calls you out. The confidence to carry your head high, shoulders back and radiate strength and awesomeness.

Open To Learning.

You can only move from being a girl to being a woman through learning. Right?

If you run like a girl, create bitchy drama like a girl, or whatever like a girl… recognize it and learn how to improve. Make the jump from girl-hood to womanhood.


I’ve talked about this before, we aren’t very good at supporting one another. Guys are.

They have an unspoken bro-bond that women don’t naturally have.

We need to come together more often and help each other out!

Do you do anything “girly”?
Do you have any cool workout shirt ideas?

In high school and college, I was a terrible runner. People often made fun of me. Since then, I’ve made it my goal to never have my workouts look “girly”. However, I am an emotional person and I do cry like a girl quite often. Not around other people, but Dan has to deal with it a lot!


  • steph

    Had a similar occurrence recently when the (insert term for guy I have a sorta friendly romantic relationship with) called me princess. He was joking but I now use every opportunity to show him how strong I really am. Not sure why I took it so personally, but this post is along the same lines.

    • Isn’t it funny the things we sometimes take personally? I would have done the exact same!

  • Sheena

    I sortof avoided stereotypical girly things when I joined the army reserves at 17 and they only other girl on my course got called “Private Barbie” behind her back. As I get older I care less and the Pheobe flail from Friends doesn’t seem so unreasonable to me if it feels good 🙂 It’s more important to me to embrace what I am!!

    For a shirt idea you could have this:
    Guns, brains, boobs, we’ve got it all 🙂

    • Love the shirt idea!

      Private Barbie, ugh how annoying! Pheobe… that scene does crack me up though!

  • I feel weird referring to myself as a woman. I’m much more comfortable with the term girl. But not like boy and girl, but more like guy and girl. Girls are missing a term. Guys have boy, guy, and man. Girls just have girl and woman.

    • you’re so right! I guess we have “gal” haha

  • Larisa 0to26point2

    I LOVED that video. I showed it to my kids. Lesson learned, LOL! Thanks for posting your thoughts on it.

    Shirt idea?
    Back WATCH ME!!!

    • That’s great! I bet the kids loved it! Great shirt idea! Thanks Larisa

  • I like Larisa’s idea, too! Something that mocks the statement “like a girl” as a reminder how offensive it is. I enjoyed your thoughts, too!

    • so true!

      • I’ve seen this t-shirt floating around the running community: “Run like a girl. Try to keep up.” So, Larisa’s idea is very much on that point and I like it.

        Maybe…”Workout Like a Girl. Workout Like a Woman. Doesn’t Matter, we just lapped [insert workout term] you. “

  • Kim

    I feel like I’m a mix – I love jewelry and heels and purses. But…I also love to sweat and lift heavy and run fast – and I think the lifting and running are great for anyone – not just “a girl.”

    • Haha, it’s cool to be mixed! I definitely am!

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  • Amanda F

    I definitely don’t err on the girly side. I’m a mechanical engineer with two cars, one of which is modified and have been known to race it. Being in a severely male dominated field I have always had to prove myself (It’s rather annoying). However, people who know me, know I know what I’m talking about. Women need to bust out of the “girl box.” We can be whatever we want. Included working out!

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