The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Eating Healthy: FannetasticFood Podcast (Anne Mauney)

Good morning!

Do you read any blogs frequent enough that you forget you don’t actually know the blogger? It’s easy to forget.

A good blog is one where you feel connected.

As a blogger, I try to give information that can improve your fitness knowledge. But I also try to keep this a personal place where my own personality shines through.

My readers aren’t just readers, you all are my friends.

fit friends

I have a few blogs like this.

I feel connected and often forget we haven’t held a real conversation. Lol. Then when we do, it’s weird because we know so much about each other already.

At least we can bypass the awkward introductions, and get straight to the stuff we love:


Running bloggers turned real life friendsĀ Amanda, Bonnie, and Bobbi

One of those bloggers that I feel like I know, but don’t?

Anne from

When I first started blogging, I found her site and loved it from the get go.

While I was planning out podcasts, it hit me… I haven’t talked with Anne one on one yet. This needed to be remedied. Fast.

Luckily, she was game and we had the opportunity to sit down last week and have a great conversation.

Coffee Talk With Anne From

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What did we chat about?

All things nutrition, fitness, life and goals.

  • Taking the leap to create the life you want. Overcoming fears and going for big goals.
  • Balancing life with fitness, nutrition, marriage, and work.
  • The basic nutrition issues we all face and how to overcome them.
  • Just because you enjoy healthy food, doesn’t meat you have to love, or even like cooking.
  • And if you don’t love to cook, basic meals are 1-2-3 easy! Check out her post on Simple & Healthy Lunches.
  • How to fuel before, during and after workouts. What are our favorite brands and go to snacks?
  • The pros and cons of being a self-employed business owner.
  • What would we change about our blogs? <– What do you think I would change?
  • Much more!

As soon as we hung up, I emailed Anne saying thanks. We both agreed we could have kept going. Which means, she’ll have to be on the show again!

So if you have any nutrition related questions, let me know!

Mentioned Links

A few links to sites and brands we discussed above:

Connect With FannetasticFood


If you’re not familiar with Anne, check her out from the links below. Just make sure to let her know, you found out about her from me!

What’s your favorite quick dinner fix?

When we need something fast, I’m all about rotisserie chicken. I’ll pick up a chicken and a pre-made salad. Dinner served in 5 minutes!


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