It’s Our Engage-iversary & Holiday Brunch

3 years ago today, I had my most memorable Christmas experience.

Dan dropped down on his knee, and pulled out this little ornament:

Inside it had:


And then has asked… “Will you marry me?

Well, you know my answer! It was a wonderful moment, and to be honest I was more excited for today than tomorrow. Not that we celebrate our engagement anniversary but it does bring a special joy to my holiday season.

Over the past 3 years, so much has happened already.

  • We’ve expanded my boot camps and built LiftingRevolution
  • I quit my job to work solely for myself
  • We expanded our family (Nike, the cat)
  • We began new business ventures (even outside of fitness)

So what better way to celebrate than to kick my husband out of the house? 

 Ladies Only Christmas Brunch

My mom, grandmother and sister-in-law came over this morning to have a Christmas brunch. This is a tradition that I want to start doing yearly, it was so great to be around the important women in my life.

We had quite the vegan spread.

Mimosas (Acai and champagne) 

No, I didn’t give them empty glasses. I poured a tablespoon of acai juice in each one and topped it off with champagne. I used red currants for a garnish.

Carrot Cake Muffins 

Baked Oatmeal Casserole (perhaps my favorite)

 Chesapeake Bay Vegan Cakes

These turned out so delicious that I am making them again for Christmas Eve for Dan and I.  

Fresh fruit 

It was just enough food! I had no leftovers (yay) and no one needed to be rolled out of the house at the end.

Now it truly feels as if Christmas is right around the corner! In fact, Dan and I are getting ready to head to family friend’s holiday get together shortly.

So with that… Happy Holiday friends!

 What is your holiday cocktail of choice? 

Do you do any traditions before the actual holiday?

These recipes will be posted up shortly


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