I’ve Got A Podcast For That

Happy Monday! Is school kicking back in today where you are?

Even though we don’t have kids, it affects EVERYONE! Bring on the school traffic. I’ll miss the quiet mornings and lack of school busses but wish everyone a fantastic first week back!

And I loved waking up to see all of my friends’ kids posing for their 1st day of school picts… I wish we did those when we were kids. Too cute!

I hope you had a great weekend. Dan and I pulled into our driveway late yesterday afternoon just in time to watch Jason Day and Jordon Speith play the final 9 holes (any golf fans out there).

We had an amazing weekend and I can’t wait to share it with you (more pictures up at Instagram)!

Table Rock 15K

But it will have to be tomorrow!

Another thing I cannot wait to share?

I’m bringing back the podcast!


I know many of you might be like, “What? You have a podcast!?”

I do and though I took a hiatus from it, I am getting back into it… With a few tweaks.

In fact, tomorrow’s post will include the latest podcast which fits perfectly in with the Table Rock 15K Recap!

I can’t wait.

What changes will I be making to it?

In the past it was always interview style. And while I’ll still do interviews (like tomorrow), I am also going to make it more conversational and targeting what you guys want to know!

Ashton has agreed to come on and be a co-host with me which will make it SO MUCH FUN! That’s one of the reason for the hiatus, it just lost it’s “fun” for me so I’m excited to make it more personal and more about YOU and ME!

So with that in mind…

Let Me Know What You Want Me To Cover!


  • Questions
  • Topics
  • Life
  • Whatever… no limits.




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