I’ve Overtrained My Poor Legs, Now What? Kitchen Time To Make Raw Vegan Energy Bars

Yay for Mondays. I know Mondays are not often a day to look forward to but I have decided to embrace them and look at it as a great motivator to start the week off right. Who’s with me?

Another great thing about Mondays? It’s Lifting Revolution’s Fitness & Nutrition Show day!

Whoop whoop.

This Week’s Episode:

  • How to make your own raw vegan no-bake energy bars (In less than 5 minutes)
  • How I am recovering from too much training

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5 Minute No Bake Raw Vegan Energy Bars

vegan raw easy energy bars


  • 2 Cups of your favorite nuts
  • 12-15 pitted, soaked dates (only soak for about 20 minutes)
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter, all natural
  • 1 ounce dark chocolate (70%+)

Other possible add-ins: Coconut, dried fruit, cinnamon, vanilla… you can get creative here.


  1. Just blend it all up, spread it on a slightly greased pan and freeze for about 30 minutes to help with cutting.
  2. Cut into squares, bag up, and you’re good to go!


My Post Training Rest Plan

After back to back intense events, I am taking a well deserved week off. No, I am not avoiding fitness all together but my legs deserve some R&R. Rest is just as important, if not more so than exercise (assuming you’ve been exercising that is). If you want to be the best, then listen to your body and give it some peace and love from time to time.

If you haven’t taken a week of from exercising in months, then take a vacation from the gym!

Here is my plan for a recovery week: 

Monday: 2-3 mile jog

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: 3 mile jog

Thursday: Light weights, mostly body weight

Friday: Rest/Out of Town

Saturday: Out of Town: Run 4-5 miles

This is much less intense than my typical week and you know what?

I don’t feel bad at all about it. I know my body needs to recover as it is screaming “OVERTRAINING”. My legs are week, I am tired, my appetite is off and overall the idea of working out sounds worst than a trip to the dentist. All are signs of classic overtraining.

And that’s a wrap!

I would love to hear from you!

What would you like to see on the show? 

What’s your favorite flavor energy bar?


  • April

    Those were DELISHIOUS! (i know wrong spelling but they were that good) I was feeling so fatigued towards the end of the race, I was beyond starving, once I got in our vehicle, I remembered you gave me one and it took me no time to finish it in one bite. I’m going to try and make me some.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    • I am so glad you liked them! I ate like 3 of them that day! lol, I had to make a new batch yesterday. In love with playing around with flavors. I think Cherries would be good in them with some dark chocolate chunks.

  • Well deserved week off! I may need one soon! Tough to take it with teaching! Enjoy your weekend away

    • Thanks Erica! You do too. It is tough with training but my clients are wonderful and understand that this body needs some rest! lol

  • Well guess I gotta take the Hummus out of my food processor now. Can’t wait to try it out.

    • yup time to scoop the hummus out of the blender! haha, just toss it in some ice trays. Let me know what you think!

  • I love making date nut balls– I should try putting them in a bar form like that, great idea! And you are so wise to take a cut back week… rest is a great way to get stronger. We can’t go, go, go all the time. Enjoy it!

    • Definitely give it a go! I should probably make them into balls sometime and try it that way.

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