Jessica Biel is one of the more action packed female starlets in Hollywood. It’s obvious when you see her body on the big screen. She’s lean, muscular in all the right ways, and most of her roles have her doing very athletic things. Bottom line, she’s pretty fit and it shows… how does she do it?

She has a foundation for her workouts and fitness. I am sure depending on what movie she may be getting ready for, things change but from the research I did, she has a great foundation set in place.

This is a very similar foundation to which you should be following as well. You’ll notice is almost exactly like Fit Women’s Weekly training. Almost though, she could kick things up a bit… 🙂

What You Can Learn From Jessica Biel’s Training:

Lesson 1: Speed Cardio Kicks Butt

She is a big fan of sprinting. She does 200,150 and 100 meter sprints with some light jogging. It seems the concentration is on sprinting however.

Sprinting is an amazing exercise. It’s an anaerobic exercise which means it uses your muscles and the short burst energy systems of your body. When you work on speed and sprinting, you do build lean muscle mass and power. Plus it is a whole body movement.

I love to add sprints towards the end of my workout as a final leg killer. I prefer the end because I don’t want sprinting to tire out my legs before I get into more leg specific exercises. If I really want to work on speed then I’ll save sprinting for an off day – short – workout.

Lesson 2: Strong Core Over Chiseled Core

If you ask any woman why she does core exercises, it’s to get that flat stomach. However, the primary reason you should do core work is for strength, support, and posture.

Jessica’s trainer says they do a lot of core for flattening but they talks more about doing other types of core work for strength. I am not sure if this is just bad reporting or the training spitting hype… but the fundamentals are there.

Core strength lets you train harder and mover better throughout your day. Think about it like this… go to stand up and notice what is the first muscle to active? Your core! It’s like that every time.

Jessica does some hanging leg raises which are great and my personal favorite… Russian Twisties. To strengthen your core, I would add an assortment of planks to the workout as well.

Lesson 3: Plyometric Power

Plyometrics at their core are jumping exercises. These are all about speed and power, very similar to speed and agility training. This form or exercise is all about fat burning and it’s highly efficient at doing this too.

I mix plyometics in with an assortment of bodyweight training and even plyo upper body moves. These tax your muscles fast and should be done as a workout by themselves.

This is what Fit Women’s Weekly is built on as it’s what 99% of women should be doing most of the time. The rest of the time it’s all about lesson 4.

Lesson 4: Weight Training

Lifting free weights is great for strength and building lean muscle mass. Jessica Biel apparently loves to train in more an endurance mode which means lighter weights and more reps.

This does bring in a more cardiovascular component to the workout. However, I love to mix in heavy training as well. Heavy does not mean you’ll put on size, it just means you’ll get stronger which is one thing you want to work on.

Weight training is an advanced form or exercise and more women I work with are not ready for it. However, if you are then message me and I can help you get started.

Mixing weight training in your routine will produce some insane results.

Lesson 5: Keep the Food Clean

From the little I got to read about Jessica’s nutritional habits, they were very clean as you would expect. She eats good complex carbs and stays away from the processed foods. She seems to be a very big veggie and fruit eater as well.

This is a very typical clean diet which we should all strive for. Bonus points awarded for having more of your diet consisting of veggies and fruits than animal proteins. This is the way to really explode your health.

Fundamental Training For A Healthy Body And Life

You can see that Jessica Biel trains just like we do at Fit Women’s Weekly. It’s a very classic style of working out that builds strength, lean muscle, and cardiovascular endurance.

You can do the same and reap the same benefits. There is nothing Jessica does that you can’t do.