Jump Off The Fat (Awesome Plyometric Moves)

I personally L-O-V-E plyo excercises… exercises that will have you jumping to the sky. Your body tones up, while at the same time burning tones of calories and more specifically, fat.

If you’ve ever tried to jump rope for just a few minutes you can contess to how quickly your heart rate goes up, how tired your legs become and even your arms get a workout. But this is just one example… the world of plyometrics is huge!

As a side note… jumping rope burns TWICE the amount of calories as running, so grab a $5 rope this weekend!

Here are two great plyo moves! Give them a try at the end of your workouts to really get that “burn” feeling! Don’t do them at the start or you will most likely turn into mush before you even truly get started!

Knees to Elbows


Have an exercise you want to know how to do? Let me know!


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