Article written by Dan – Taylor’s husband and NASM trainer and expert program designer.

Unlike Taylor, I’m not a huge cardio fan. I don’t like to run unless it’s for a mud run or some challenge like that.

But I do recognize that cardiovascular training is super important for our health and making our bodies the best versions of themselves they can be. It doesn’t matter if you’re in perfect shape now, or if you want to annihilate some body fat…

Cardio Training Is Vital Piece Of This Puzzle!

Here’s the thing though.

Not all cardio training is running. Jumping rope is an amazingly awesome way to get more cardio – more effective cardio – into your workout schedule. (Not to mention the bodyweight weekly workouts in Fit Women’s Weekly are also highly cardio based because they are so fast.)

Back to the jump rope though… I love, LOVE, the jump rope. It’s super fast, fun, challenging, involves more muscle than running does and can get your heart rate up fast. To me it’s the perfect interval training piece of equipment.

I have an awesome jump rope workout for you at the bottom of this article. But first you need some convincing as to why the jump rope is so amazing.

Why Is Jumping Rope Perfect For Burning Fat?

1. Calorie Torcher

According to many statistics, you would have to sustain an 8 minute mile (which is pretty fast) to burn the same amount of calories that jumping rope can do for you. Pretty incredible right?

2. It’s An Interval Machine

Interval training, or training when you go all out during a workout then rest a little, is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. Not only does it explode the number of calories you burn, but it helps maintain lean muscle too.

Interval training on the treadmill is a great way to use it, but it’s more fun and more effective with the jump rope.

You can set a timer for only 40 seconds and go as hard as you can with the jump rope and get much better results than with running on the treadmill for 2 minutes.

3. Lower Impact

I call it having ninja feet. Soft landings and more spring to your foot actions. It can be really hard to have ninja feet when you’re running. As you fatigue, you start to slam your feet into the ground.

When you’re jump roping though, you stay on your toes. You entire lower body works to stay nimble, absorb the landing shock with some spring because you have to jump immediately again.

Jumping rope is much better for your joints.

4. Active Rest

Active rest is when you are doing something light to bring your heart rate down rather than just do nothing. I actually don’t use active rest that much, but if you want to shock your body, it can be great.

Let’s say you just finished off a circuit, rather than sit down and catch your breath, you can lightly jump rope to keep your body going.

I prefer the jump rope for active rest because you can keep the pace very light so it not only helps you stay active, but you can bring your heart rate down some.

5. Makes Any Workout Better

When I really want to kick my workout up into high gear, even if it’s a weight training workout, I’ll pull out the jump rope.

I’ll do a superset of two exercises back to back, then go immediately into 100 jumps with my jump rope. Then I’ll grab a full 2 to 2.5 minute rest for some recovery.

I’ll do that all workout long with all exercises. A superset, or even a circuit, then polish things off with 100 jumps.

If I want to be brutal to myself, I’ll force myself to do 100 jumps in a row with no mess ups. If I mess up, it’s back to 1 I go. You should try that!

6. It’s Flat Out Fun!

As you get better and better with the jump rope, you can start to learn tricks. Cross overs, double or triple-unders, fancy footwork, and all sorts of things.

This not only makes it really fun but it’s a confidence booster and makes you look pretty bad ass.

Here’s a video of just how good some women can be. This is Adri and we have a podcast with her you should listen to.

A Great Jump Rope Workout:

This is a fun jump rope workout that Taylor and I filmed a little bit ago. We tried to step up the intensity of the workout by using things like double-unders and alternating jumping, but if you can’t do that, don’t worry. Just do normal jump rope the whole way through.

However, try to do double-unders and alternating feet during your jump roping sessions. Even if you’re horrible at them now, just the act of trying them will help you get better and it will still skyrocket your heart rate which is what we’re after.

Have fun this workout and make sure you keep adding the jump rope to your workouts. You’ll melt fat faster and have a lot of fun too.

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