Jumpin’ In June Fitness Challenge

Another month, another challenge!

First… did you complete last month’s killer challenge, Muscles In May?

I loved it and really concentrated on working on my pull-ups.

I haven’t gotten to 15 quite yet in 1 set, but I am up to 13!

Second… thanks for understanding about this week’s posts. Posts will be a bit shorter (but just as entertaining) as I work to make a few changes that will kick off next week!

Now that that is done…

It’s Time To Reveal June’s Challenge!

Jumpin’ In June!

Plyometrics is a style of training that revolves around jumping. Basically the body is a rubber band, and the explosive force of the pull, the jump and the landing has a powerful affect on results.

Plyometrics Is Great For A Slew Of Benefits

Calorie burning…

Muscle building and toning…




Mental strength (jumping on top of things can be scary at first!)

So for the month of June, we’re going to dedicate some extra time to plyometrics.



Here’s the challenge…

Jumpin’ In June Plyometrics Challenge

  • Week 1: 50 Squat Jumps Each Day
  • Week 2: 100 Lunge Jumps Each Day
  • Week 3: 50 Box Jumps* Each Day
  • Week 4: 25 Burpees, 25 Squat Jumps & 50 Lunge Jumps Each Day


Are you with me?

I love… no seriously, LOVE jumping moves. They burn like no other and it’s amazing how they can turn an exercise that you’re used to doing into something so much more intense.

A basic move suddenly delivers a burn!

The Exercises

  • Squat Jumps:
  • Lunge Jumps:
  • Box Jumps:  Unfortunately, I don’t have a GIF for box jumps, but here is an older video Dan and I did. You do not need to have it this high. Anything from, 10-18 inches is great!
  • Burpees:

*If you aren’t able to do box jumps try TWISTER SQUATS instead:

You’d Be Silly Not To Jump In

So here’s the deal…

If you’re in for this challenge, let me know in the comments down below! Each week tag me in an Instagram or Twitter picture showing off your skills, and on Fridays I will do a shout out post.

Let’s do this together!

It can be easy to let is slip from your mind after a few days, but if we do it together we can all stay on track!

Pin the challenge, share the challenge, and let’s see how many ladies we can get to partake.

Woo hoo! I can’t wait.

Because of the excitement, I am forced to say good-bye for now so I can go get these 50 squat jumps done!

Are you going to do the Jumpin’ June Challenge!?
Which of these moves is your favorite?


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