Just A Girl And Her Lamb & Some Charleston Running Friends

Good morning friends! Happy Weekend.

Let’s recap the past three weeks very quickly, shall we?

And this weekend? I am finally home in Charleston! The past month has been crazy, fun, but crazy! It was so comforting to be able to spend a Friday night at home, not packing a bag or rushing around to get the house cleaned.

Not that being at home means I get to slack off of course! Dan and I hit the hay last night around 10:30 after doing filming at the gym (new workouts!) so that we could get up early to hold our first Charleston Run Group!

I run every Saturday morning, so why not invite my friends, boot campers and anyone else who wants to hang out and run the streets with me? Running with friends beats solo jogs any day!

Surprised Dan joined in? We decided to have two groups of runners, a “10K” group and a “5K” group. He trains and runs with the 5K’ers! I wouldn’t say that he was excited to wake up to 45-degree temperatures and the sun still down but he was a trouper and a great teammate as always.

I woke up bright and early at 6am so I could log a few miles in before the run club. I wanted to get around 10 total and didn’t want to assume that everyone else would.

It wasn’t so bad though… I woke up, and was greeted with this guy.

He’s my secret winter weapon. On cold mornings and nights, this little guys turns into a heat warmer, making me cozy and toasty while eating breakfast or falling asleep. Pop his aroma therapy butt in the microwave for 2 minutes and Voila!

Yup, I am 28 years old and during the fall/winter I sleep with a stuffed animal.  I also have a bear version but he’s stuffed away somewhere 🙁

Get Your Run On

After I fueled up (with vegan French-ish Toast… still working on a shareable recipe), I laced up my shoes and headed downtown.

Holy crap, it was cold! I started with a fleece and ear warmers but after about 2 miles was able to pull the fleece off. The ear warmers stayed right where they were!

Even with a chill, it was perfect. I hit 4.7 miles before meeting up with my friends. Those miles put me to ease, melted the stress away and got me into a good place. It had been over 4 weeks since I ran downtown, and I missed it.

Once with the group, I took them along my favorite downtown route and chit-chatted away. It was nice going from a solo run to a group run!

We ended up covering right at 6 miles, which was the goal! I am excited to see our little group grow as the weeks go by.  Thanks to those that came out this morning!

Total Run Stats:

I celebrated with this:

It had been 34 days since my last latte and I was quite happy to order this pretty baby! The guys at the coffee shop (Black Tap Coffee) felt honored I chose their latte as my first! Haha. I had to, these guys make all their own flavorings right there in the shop, all natural and all delicious! Ever in Charleston, pay them a visit!

This Little Runner Went To The Market 

From there, it was market time! Something else I had missed with all these recent adventures! It was great seeing my normal vendors and noticing the changes in produce since fall has crept in.

Goodbye local tomatoes… hello greens and squashes!

Now, I am home and getting work done before Dan and I have to get all dolled up for the Special Olympics Gala that we’re volunteering at. More on that later!

Have a great Saturday!

  • What’s your favorite thing about your hometown? 
  • Saturday rituals?


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