Have you ever kept a journal?

I’ve tried keeping one and through mini spurts, I’ve done well. However, because of the blog, I feel I have the ultimate journal. Looking back over my pasts posts and entries, I have such a great time. Plus it’s also a great way to learn and improve in the future.

That’s why if you’re going to be starting a weight loss journey… a “getting healthy and fit” journey… you should keep a healthy living journey rather than just a workout or nutrition journal.

What is a healthy living journal?

It’s your journey, your story of getting healthy and what you do to accomplish that. It’s more than just exercise because you’re supposed to put any and everything in that book.

Here is how you can use a healthy living journal to change your life and leave a great story behind for yourself and your family.

1. Track Your Plans And Improvements

You can write about how you plan to get healthy, the type of workouts, the food you eat, and everything else. By writing about it, you will force yourself to be honest. And through being honest and trial and error, you can improve the process.

It’s amazing what you can learn from this. So many women think you have to workout so many times a week or during a certain time of day. But the best plan is what works for you. By tracking this and explaining it, you can build the best plan.

2. Track Your Workouts & Nutrition

Of course you can use this journal to track all of your workouts along with your food. This is the ultimate accountability as writing down the bad things you’ve eaten never makes you feel good.

However, more than just the food and workouts themselves, you can talk about them. Did you enjoy them and did you do well? Write down your feelings and over time you can probably identify what thoughts and activities leading up to working out give you the best workout sessions.

You can also learn what emotions and things that happen during your day that make you want to eat more. That is very valuable information to know. Because of that, you can really take full control of your life.

3. Keep The Captains Log

Being that you’re on a journey, you need to write how things are going. This is just like those captain’s logs on long ship voyages back in the day.

It’s here were you can get your feelings and other ideas out of your head. It’s really amazing how therapeutic getting all the ideas and feelings you have out on paper. You’ll feel lighter, you’ll think clearer, and you’ll make room for better ideas too.

You’ll also enjoy the process a lot more. Plus I am willing to bet you’ll burn fat faster, enjoy healthy eating more, and see the results you want quicker than you could imagine.

Create A Healthy Living Journal Schedule And Stick To It For 2013

Create a schedule when you’ll write in it. It doesn’t even have to be a lot each time, just write down things.

Make sure you keep your schedule though. Soon enough you’ll be so consistent with it, it will be part of your day. That’s when all those benefits we talked about will really start to show themselves.

I suggest three days a week, maybe four. It’s really up to you… try it and see what happens.