Kettlebell Training: The Spring “Clean” Workout

I don’t know about you, but after this past weekend I definitely feel the need to clean up a bit. Too many sweet treats and large helpings left me stuffed and on a sugar high.

My body is craving vegetables, water and some good workouts to help burn off all the junk that Easter brought.

Perhaps you’re feeling the same? And even if you did have a wonderfully healthy weekend maybe you’re just looking for a fun workout?

Well, whatever your motivation is, I’ve got you covered!

Today I bring you a new kettlebell workout! Why? Because kettlebells are amazing at helping to clean up your body, duh.

This workout revolves around the classic move, the clean. Get it? Spring “Clean” Workout?

Before trying it out, make sure that you have the moves down with confidence. If you’ve never used kettlebells before, talk to a trained certified expert to help learn the proper movement patterns.

The Spring “Clean” Kettlebell Workout

Aim to complete the workout as quickly as possible. If you need to stop and rest to ensure your form stays solid, then do so. Form over speed, always!

Let’s quickly go over the moves so that you can Pin this workout and do it with confidence this week!


First off, in case the run through was a bit confusing (for time I cut the reps in half), here’s the workout:

  • 5 Cleans/Side
  • 5 Presses
  • 6 Cleans/Side
  • 6 Lunges
  • 7 Cleans/Side
  • 7 Prisoner Squats
  • 8 Cleans/Side
  • 8 Goblet Presses
  • 9 Cleans/Side
  • 9 Squats
  • 10 Cleans/Side
  • 10 Swings

Kettlebell Cleans

  • Make sure the move comes from a proper hip hinge (hips go BACK like a deadlift, not DOWN like a squat).
  • Keep the back straight and elbow close to the body.

Shoulder Press

  • You will likely have to use a lighter weight for the shoulder press than for the rest of the workout.
  • Keep the elbow in near your body at the lower position, rotate the hand as you push up.


  • Complete 6 lunges on EACH leg
  • Hold the weight either in “rack” position or goblet style.

Prisoner Squats

  • Hold the kettlebell with your weaker arm as you complete the reps as you complete 7 total prisoner squats.
  • Keep the body upright, step back one leg at a time to lower down to the kneeling position before pushing back up.

Goblet Presses

  • Because you’re holding the kettlebell with both hands, you can use a heavier weight than with the single arm presses.
  • Use your legs for extra momentum if needed, this is called a thruster.


  • Complete the squats holding the kettlebell in goblet position. Keep the back straight as you lower down.


  • Make sure the move comes from a proper hip hinge (hips go BACK like a deadlift, not DOWN like a squat).
  • Keep the back straight and elbow close to the body.
  • The “American” style is to bring the KB up and nearly overhead, I DO NOT recommend this style to maintain the integrity of the exercise. The weight should swing chin high or lower for maximum intensity.

If you don’t have kettlebells, no biggie! You can do barbell cleans or even use dumbbells instead.

Did you over indulge this weekend? 

Do you ever spring clean your house? 

I didn’t go too crazy this weekend, but because the food my family makes for holidays isn’t my “normal” fare, I was definitely bloated and feeling tired/sluggish.

I spring clean a lot! I get an itch to clean and sometimes go a bit crazy, no matter what time of year it is. Dan hates it because it means I put things away and reorganize so we can’t remember where they end up.

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  • I didn’t overindulge but I did eat a little more than usual on sunday. I feel pretty confident about getting back to my normal eating habits during the week though. The kettlebell workout looks great, btw how are your turkish getup’s coming along?

    • Good job! I’m right back in it myself for the week. Get ups are going great! I am getting ready to order a 40 lb kettlebell because I think the jump from the 35 to the 50 is a bit too intimidating! But the 35 has gotten way too easy! So it’s good.

  • I overindulged the entire past WEEK. I was on vacation, and now I’m back, so back to healthier eating and training!

    • Where did you go on vaca?

  • Great workout! LOVE your pants! So cute. I ate a bundle of jelly beans, but nothing too terrible 😉

    • Sheena

      Mmmmm I love Jelly Beans….. especially Jelly Bellys 🙂

    • Thanks! They are so comfie. I stole 3 out of Lainey’s basket, so I take that as a win!

  • Sheena

    I’ve been reading the thinking like a think woman book and paying extra attention to not eating past full but it’s tough to pass up those delicious cookies when you’re not full but not really hungry >< We made up for it though, changed the oil in my truck and we ripped up all our old carpet and scraped up most of the underlay this weekend!

    Did you make any delicious healthy treats to share with your family this Easter?

    • Jelly Bellys are the best! We used to eat far too many back in college. My Fav are Starburst Jelly Beans! Yum! Great job ripping up the carpet, I bet that is a crazy workout? Are you laying the new stuff down too?

      I was in charge of deviled eggs and salad for Easter Dinner in my house! I used greek yogurt instead of mayo and they turned out great. Friday night I made Dan Paleo double dark chocolate strawberry cookies… too good to share with the family!

      • Sheena

        I LOVE greek yogurt, I use it to substitute on everything 🙂 And those cookies sound divine!!

        • They were, I need to remake them soon for the blog!

  • I clean and reorganize frequently and my husband gets mad because I forget where I put things too. It is worse when my mother visits us, after she leaves, for the next month we call her and ask her where she put things.
    I actually did ok over easter weekend. I bought chocolate for my husband and I got a new mascara and lip gloss for myself. When I wan a piece of chocolate I think how great my eyes looks with my new mascara!

    • Haha thats a great idea! I bought new jeans over the weekend, so I guess that was in place of the Easter Candy! Glad to know I am not the only one that forgets where I put things!

  • Kim

    This looks awesome – I need plenty of help when it comes to ideas for my kettle bell!!!

    • Kettlebells are limitless! So much to do with them!

  • cannot wait to try this! you know i love me some spring “CLEANING” haha

  • I need to invest in some more kettlebells and upgrade from just my 10 pounder! Luckily Passover has kept me away from a lot of the sweets and treats, though I decided on Friday that beer was kosher for Passover (totally isn’t!) and drank like a fish. Gelato washes down beer well, right? Haha whoops!

    • Definitely make the jump up to a heavier weight. Haha, beer is totally kosher, right?

  • THanks for sharing this workout. Unfortunately, I did go overboard over the weekend. We had a long weekend at the beach. What is it about vacation that just makes you want to eat crazy??

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