Lainey Welcome To Our Crazy Family

This past Sunday (Father’s Day) we had a VERY excited event take place… Dan and I welcomed our first niece into the family.


My brother and his wife weren’t expecting the little bundle to arrive until July but she has plans of her own. She decided to give my brother the best gift possible on Father’s Day. She’s not just the first niece she is our first anything!

Aunt Taylor and Baby Lainey!

Mom and baby are doing fabulously and are now at home learning about one another. Baby Lainey was born 19 inches, 6 lbs 15 oz (big baby girl for being so early!)… and is absolutely gorgeous.

I can’t wait to spoil her rotten and be the “cool aunt”.

Dear Lainey,

Welcome to the family, we’re so excited to have you join in on our fun. Your daddy will spoil you like crazy just like your Papaw did me. If you see gummie bears around the house, don’t eat them they are your daddy’s favorite and he’s very protective of his sweets. Just ask him and he will give you your own box. Same goes with gummie worms, starbursts, and cookies. He’s a great guy when you’re having a rough day, he’ll be there to shower you with hugs and kisses… he is perhaps the most sensitive man I know which when it comes to loving you makes it so natural and easy!

You’re going to love going to Grammie and Papaw’s house… they’re already planning all the things can do with you and give you that your mom and dad wouldn’t normally allow. They say it’s the bonus of being a grandparent. Papaw can’t wait to take you fishing! If you’re lucky maybe he will even pull you out of school early from time to time just to go catch the “big one”.

And what can you expect from Aunt Taylor and Uncle Dan? Well, we won’t have the candy and treats lying around… but we will be around to play sports with you and we will be lots of fun! I have a feeling Uncle Dan will want to show you how to use a computer and build a website by age 3… I’ll have fun teaching you gymnastics with your momma and of course you’ll be the youngest baby to be able to do a pull-up and push-ups.

One thing is for sure… we love you and we’re so excited to have you in our lives! Welcome to the fam!

Love, Aunt Taylor

My brother did a great job helping to raise me and I know he and his wife will be wonderful parents. My parents are thrilled to be grandparents… they’ve already claimed the names of Grammie and Papaw.

And in case you’re wondering…. no this did not spike any emotional desires for Dan nor I to start expanding our family YET. But it is a step we are excited to one day take… If Zoe promises to be a good big sister!


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