Leaving With Lots Of Link Love

TGIF… I am headed out of town!

I am checking out for the weekend to enjoy a few days of fresh mountain air, hiking, wine sipping, and spending some real quality time with my main squeeze and friends.



We’ve been so busy, and so stressed, that this is a mandatory trip! Working from home means it’s never quitting time…

And that can be hard. Very hard. So every few months, I force Dan to turn off his computer, pack a bag and get into the car (he would work 24 hours, 7 days a week, 12 months a year if I let him).

Sure we have a ton of work to do, but guess what??

It will still be here when we get back, the world won’t fall apart, but our spirits will be rejuvenated so that we can work better, happier.

So that’s our plan.

We’ve rented a cabin near Table Rock, SC for some amazing hiking with friends.

I’ll be posting pictures of course on Instagram so follow along… that is if we get an internet connection in the middle of nowhere.

To celebrate the day, I’m sharing some of my favorite reads from the week. If you’re traveling too, then these will make the time fly by and giving you something to do!


Leaving You With Link Love


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PR = Personal Record Via LoveLifeSurf
6 ways to learn to pace yourself[4]

Did Miss Any Of LiftingRevolution This Week?


Tell me…

What are you doing this weekend?


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