Legs 4 Days Workout: Bodyweight Workout For Your Lower Body

Ready for a workout?

I thought you might be!

After all it’s Wednesday and we could all use a little extra direction to make it to the weekend, right?

After last week’s chaos, I am happy to report that I’ve got a good show for you today. While the title says a lot, it doesn’t say it all.

This workout might have an emphasis on the lower body, but it really does hit a little of everything! Which, of course, make it perfect when you have a tight schedule and need something fast and on the fly.

The Legs for Days Workout
My challenge to you is this…

Complete the workout 3-5 rounds as fast as possible!

Once you’ve done it, snap a quick sweaty “I Did It!!” picture and post it up on Instagram or Facebook! Just make sure to tag me. I want to start spotlighting you beautiful ladies for your achievements!


Beautiful. With that… let’s do this!

The Legs 4 Days Workout

Personally, I LOVE descending pyramid workouts… with the reps going down. It gives me extra mojo to know that with each set, the reps are going to get smaller… and smaller… and smaller.


Before I head out (I am on my way to train my boot camp ladies and then go get new tires this morning), let’s quickly go over these moves.

That way, if you don’t have time to watch the video, you still know what’s going on.

The Legs 4 Days Exercises

  • Keep proper posture, with the back straight, head up and take a large step back so that the front shin remains parallel to the ground!
  • If you need extra support for balance or range of motion, do lunges next to a wall.
Squat Pulses
  • Keep the squat low, push through your heels and squeeze your butt as you pulse up and down!
Diamond Thigh Taps
  • These look harmless, right? Dan thought I was crazy, however after a few reps you’ll feel these in your thighs and abs!
  • Make sure to bring the feet together at the top of each rep instead of just doing scissor style.
Plank Butt Kicks
  • Plank + Butt Kick = Total Body! Hold a plank on elbows as you bend at the knee to bring your heel to your butt. Repeat on the other side.
Crossover Push-Ups
  • Complete a normal push-ups however, have one leg crossed over the top of the other. Alternate legs for a total of 3/side!
Squat With Lateral Raise
  • Complete a normal squat, however upon standing left the leg out to the side, with the foot flexed (I just typed food instead of foot… hungry?)!
  • Complete all 5 on 1 side before doing the other side.
Pike Up-Downs
  • Keep the legs straight, shoulders forward as you lower down on to your elbows before pushing to start position.
  • Alternate which is your nominate arm in pushing up!
Jumping Jacks
Hip Extentions
  • Push through your heels to get the hips off the ground as high as possible.
  • Complete 2 on the right and 2 on the left!
  • Don’t forget that push-up!
What’s your favorite lower body exercise?


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