Less Than 24 Hrs Till My 10K: Cooper River Bridge Run!

by TaylorR


Oh my… in 16 hours I will be at the starting line of my first 10K in over 5 years. Yea, I got a little slack with my running over the years.

But that was because of my back issues. Since I’ve been training for this race, I have not had any issues with my back (knock on wood); and I am really pumped to see how I can do. To be honest, I have never “trained” for a run. In the past, I just went out and did it!  Yes, I would cross the finish line but in the back of my head I always wondered how I would have done if I had actually prepped specifically for it.

We're talking a 6% incline people!

Well, I get my chance tomorrow!

The race starts on the other side of the bridge (Mount Pleasant) from where we live, so I am spending the night with my parents, and what is even more convenient is that my grandmother litterally lives 50 yards from the starting line so I have a great place to park.

From Mt Pleasant, the race goes over the biggest suspension bridge in America (The Ravenel) and into Downtown Charleston. Because I have such an amazing and supportive husband, Dan will be at the finish line waiting for me! No shuttle for this girl :)

My Goal

The last time I ran the bridge I was 23 years old and not in as good as shape as I am now… It was the start of my fitness passion. At that time, I ran it in right under 60 minutes. This time around my goal is to beat Dan’s best time which was 51.something minutes.

I have been imagining this number in my head for 2 weeks now, and I am getting confident that I can beat him!

If it happens, he will be buying me post run chilled beverages!

My Morning 10K Prep

We have to be at the start around 7:00am for an 8:00am start time. Which means I will be up around 5:45 to eat breakfast and allow my body to digest a bit.

My boring but fav breakfast: 1/3 cup oats; 2/3 cup almond milk, cinnamon and a big scoop of sunflower butter

Breakfast will be a bland and boring oatmeal because the last thing I want to do is try to eat something fancy just to get up on the bridge and have an upset stomach.

That also means no coffee for me in the morning. I stress this to everyone, DON’T DRINK COFFEE before a race. You’re asking for trouble, don’t ask how I know just take my word for it.

As for today, I am downing the water to make sure I am plenty hydrated! And that’s really it.

I will try to take a few parts, it will be cool to show off the 50,000 people that are running it as well!

I also have a tendency to get a little performance anxiety, which is another reason I like to get up early, so I can allow my stomach to settle and allow myself some “breath” time to calm down.

Once I get to the start though, I am set!

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