Sounds crazy or like a huge scam, but perhaps it’s not.

A University of Tennessee professor who is part of the Institute of Agricultures Department of Agriculture and Resources Economics… in conjunction with three other Universities over in Europe discovered that…

Women who read nutritional labels were 9 pounds lighter than women who didn’t. Women where also a lot more likely to read nutritional labels on food packaging. Plus smokers were the least likely to care about any labeling.

Reading Nutrition Label

This data was collected by the National Health Interview Survey which talked to 25,000 people. It looked at lots of data included shopping habits.

What Does This Matter To You?

This is pretty big news in my opinion because it proves that if you can understand a nutrition label, you’ll make smarter decisions about what you consume naturally.

That’s big.

Think about situations where you are eating out. Have you ever seen a nutrition label for any of the food you eat at restaurants. No way… if you did, you’d probably have a heart attack at the numbers and the ingredients.

Being Educated About Your Food Makes A Difference

Ignorance with what you eat is not a good thing. The bad thing about that is it’s forced upon us in many situations. However, you can start to learn more about foods and which ingredients to be on the look out for.

You’ll soon realize that many of the same ingredients repeat over and over again in unhealthy foods. In natural foods, the ingredient list is pretty small.

I’ll have a YouTube video about this soon going over how to read a nutrition label… but be on the look out for these types of things:

Step 1: Read the ingredient list. Look for chemicals and fake sugars listed towards the top of the ingredient list. Stay away from these.

Step 2: Look at the calories and then the servings both a single serving and how many total servings the container has. You might be shocked to learn that about a cup is a serving and it has 300 or more calories in it… that won’t keep you full and it will just load you up.

Step 3: Look for sugar and sodium. Keeping these low is key to slim waistline but many chronic issues like high blood pressure and more.

Step 4: Look for dyes for coloring and any preservatives. These are pretty dangerous to our bodies and the less you have of these the better.

Nutrition Label

That Gets You Started… But Make The Effort Now

Next time your in the grocery store, make a good effort to inspect the nutrition labels on the things you buy. Don’t ignore them because you’d rather not know what you’re eating.

Think about it… 9 pounds lighter by just reading the nutrition labels. That’s pretty shocking and proves the one fact…

Small changes can really lead to huge results!