5K Recap: You Win Some You Lose Some

There was a victory and a disappointment today. So let’s just start at the beginning, shall we?

This morning we woke up nice and early for the 5K SOAR race. I have been really excited all week for this race for several reasons:

  • Dan was going to run it too (he hates running but knew he needed practice for the mudrun next month).
  • It was on the beach… like actually on the sand.
  • It was for a great cause: 4 of my boot campers volunteer for the Special Olympics and were putting the event on. All of the sign-up fees went straight to the cause! Everything else was donated.
  • I wanted to attempt a PR, I wanted to break 24 minutes! I’ve got down to a 24.20 during weekly runs and really wanted to push it and break into the 23’s!

When the alarm howled annoyingly buzzed, I woke up ready and excited to go, it took Dan a bit to get his running shoes on. Let’s just say he’s not a morning person, but after some breakfast he perked up!

  • Bowl of oats with a splash of sunflower butter for me (always before I go for a run!)
  • Omelet with brussel sprouts and olives for him.

We got down to the race site around 7 am to sign in and pick up our packets. It was really organized and not crowded so this literally took 2 minutes to do. I guess we could have hit snooze a time or two after all (don’t tell that to Dan though).

To pass time, I did what all passionate bloggers would do: Picture Time! 

Soon my friend (and boot camper) Cassie met up with us.

I guess I thought I was posing for a pageant or something? Who knows.

This was her first 5K and she was on the nervous/excited side. Her goal was to just make it to the end, which I knew she could do.

Being on the beach was a whole new thing for me, I ran some when we were in Siesta Key, and Dan and I ran this past Monday but running in the sand and running on the roads are two completely different things. And  had some stomach jitters thinking about it…. I know I am weird.

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

The race started right on time, I bolted off the line and immediately fell into a good stride. Good sign. Slight breeze, hard sand, a good podcast in my ears… things were looking great!

I was actually feeling so great I quickly realized I was in the front pack of the race. I had 4 guys and 1 girl in front of me. Then we saw the half way point… aka the bitchie round-about.

Facing The “B” 

I call it a bitch because as soon as we turned directions the wind was in our face and working hard to slow us down. That it did! Luckily, I was still able to stick to a pace, though it was slower than before.

I also got to see Dan and Cassie, they weren’t far behind me at all! Loved the motivation of getting to see familiar faces.

With my pace I was some how able to pass the girl in front of me and one of the guys.

The worst part was the noise of the wind, I couldn’t hear my ipod and just had my thoughts to keep me company… which sucked! lol.

At the end, I started wondering if I had the fuel to keep going strong, for some reason I was starving! But I saw the end in sight and continued to running forward. Reminding myself along the way, just one foot at a time.

The last 25 yards were in soft sand which was the HARDEST part of all, I wanted to sprint but there was no way that was going to happen.

I made it though… 25.40 seconds later.

A sweaty mess! 

Lose: I didn’t get my PR. Which means I’ll be doing a road race in the next week or two! I am determined for that 23!

Win: I won the overall women’s race! I’m telling you running in the sand and the beach wind made for slow times all around. I’ve never won a race before, even if there were only about 50 women… I was still excited and surprised!

I was really stoked by my performance even if the PR wasn’t meant to happen today. But even more, I am proud of Dan and Cassie. Both of them kicked some serious butt. Dan actually came in 2nd in his age group!

Yay Dan got an award too! But who’s is bigger? Yup, I get some satisfaction from that. 

He’s just a natural athlete all the way around, sometimes it makes me sick. lol. And Cassie who has NEVER run this distance or a race came in under 30 minutes. You go girl!

We are both determined to do another race soon.

Overall SOAR was a great run. The people were so positive and motivating. It helped to see local businesses and organizations come together for a great cause. My client Ashton was the race organizer and did a fabulous job, Ashton… if you’re reading this You rocked!

The rest of the morning was spent at the farmer’s market. Now it’s time to play catch up after taking a day off yesterday due to another house issue (more to come on that).

Have a great Saturday! Talk so you soon! 🙂

  • Whats on the agenda for today? 
  • Have you ever done a race? What’s your favorite? 


  • I ran my first 5k yesterday as part of an online bloggers group, the Red Faced Runners. Would love to say my time was 25.4, even if it wasn’t in the sand! I finished in about 28 min. Any suggestions for improving my time? I have another run coming up in December.

    • That’s awesome! Where is your support group? I would love to start a group of bloggers here in Charleston. You did awesome! There are lots of ways to increase your time: doing sprint intervals is key; doing long and short runs; weight training and making sure to fuel appropriately with the right food. The cleaner your diet the better performer you will be. I have personally found that running on a treadmill helps me with my speed runs and then I take my longer runs outside that are more tempo. By doing different styles (sprints-short and fast; distance-long and steady) you train your muscles to work efficiently and increase your time overall!

      • Taylor, thanks for the tips. I definitely want to star incorporating intervals into my training. I have been doing all my running outside so maybe I will get reaquainted with my elliptical for this part of my training. Also, I was doing weight training a lot before I started running. Now, I am struggling to reincorporate it into my routine without feeling like I’m falling behind on my running.

        The group that I am a part of is online. We all picked a local race to run last weekend and supported each other online as we trained. Its been really helpful in keepimg me motivated. http://www.redfacedrunners.com/

  • Suzanne

    Way to go girls. SO So proud!

  • Patty

    Thanks for the kind words on the race we enjoyed putting the event on for our special friends. Yes I agree that Ashton did a fabulous job on the event with out her there would not have been a race. I hope to see all of you out there on the beach next year

  • Ronda

    25:40 is my current PR for a 5k!! But not in the SAND!!! Congrats to all of you!!!

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