Lose Weight, Buy A Tapeworm And Go On Vacation

Wow, you are not going to believe what Dan came across last night! Apparently there are companies that sell tapeworms to help weight weight loss… you know the tapeworm diet. I haven’t seen that one on the shelf next to the Alli, so I had to see it for myself.

Imagine this by the Alli and other diet pills...

People are freaking crazy. I know we all want to lose a little weight here and there, but having our nutrients sucked out of our intestines by a “renter” isn’t really what most women have in mind (at least I hope).  There are no vacancies available in my intestines but it makes me sad that some women do want a little worm to help out.

First off, tapeworms are a parasite! They live off the host and in this case they hang out in your intestines and eat off your food. Gross! The website that I came across backed it up that worms have been an issue of humans for years and that by having them in our bodies actually helps to strength your immune system. Give me a break.

Trip to the tropics

Here’s the next part… if you’re interested in tapeworm you have to make a trip down to Mexico, so at least you get a

Drink in hand... Check! Worm in intestines... Check!

tropical retreat out of it. And you might get a “Buy one get one free” bonus from drinking the water! Just a thought…

Seriously, why go through this when a proper diet and proper exercise program can help with the weight loss… it will save a crap load of money too!

Here are some of the common side affects you can expect from the tapeworm diet:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Feeling of fullness
  • Increased appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Spontaneous emergence of proglottids from the anal sphincter (sound fun?)
  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • And in some cases infection

And as far as how long you can keep the critter in there, it has to be killed before maturity… which means after 12 weeks you kill your visitor off.

This was my favorite part… in the FAQ the question was: Is it safe? The response: Well, this is a harder question to answer… I kid you not!

How about just a good old exercise routine and some nutritional support to get you going on a healthy path with a BALANCED diet and no live-in visitors?

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