Are you finding it hard to lose your first 10 pounds?

Have you lost 4 to 7 pounds then stalled out a bit? Finding in about a month or so, you’ve just packed back on another 10?

There’s A Reason Why Most Women Struggle With Their First 10 Pounds

Most women can’t find success losing their first 10 pounds because they are thinking too short term.

Here’s what I mean.

I’ve discovered talking with my members and talking with many other women, they give themselves these hard deadlines to lose 10 pounds. Most of the time it’s 30 days or one month.

This is all good, but here’s the problem

Your first 2 to 3 weeks are probably going to be slow going. Why? Because your body has a delay in response. Think about it. You didn’t get overweight immediately… it snuck up. It happened so slowly that it probably took you by surprise.

Losing 10 Pounds Will Sneak Up… It’s Going To Shock You!

Weighing 10 Pounds

Do this instead…

Don’t set a time limit for your first 10 pounds. Build an action plan. An action plan like you will find in Fit Women’s Weekly.

Then involve yourself in that plan. Forget about time. Hard? Yes… but easier than you think it is right now.

Here’s what happens when you just follow an action plan:

1. You forget about immediate results. No more finishing a workout and then measuring your stomach only to pissed off you didn’t drop 2 inches after that great workout.

You think that sounds crazy?

In the heat of losing those first 10 pounds I’ve seen women do crazier things. Emotions run high and they can sabotage you. Remember get lost in the process.

2. You build the small habits quickly. The small habits of making small, but highly effective, nutritional substitutions. You get your workouts into your weekly routine where they belong.

3. You forget about losing 10 pounds. I’ve had women that start a program like Fit Women’s Weekly and because I am making these challenges and updates weekly, they actually forget about losing 10 pounds.

That’s powerful!

When you forget about your goals and you’re just wrapped up in the process, you actually speed up the process.

Do You Know When Most Women Notice They’ve Lost 10 Pounds?

Nope! It’s not when they step on the scale.

It’s when they put on their normal clothes and they don’t fit.

It’s when they try on those pants that haven’t fit in year for the hell of it… and… WOW! they slide right on as if they were purchased brand new.

You’ve Lost 10 Pounds… It’s Game On!

Yes, it’s game on. Not game over.

Don’t celebrate too much and go back to your bad habits. Don’t get cocky and think you have this weight loss thing figured out.

In life it’s a simple truth: The first step is always the hardest, but it builds momentum. Momentum makes everything else practically easy.

Your first 10 pounds kicked you into stage 1 of momentum. You’re moving now… keep it going and in half the time, you’ll see better results.

So What’s The Game Plan?

The game plan is to get a game plan!

Don’t attack your first 10 pounds by just walking. Give it everything you have.

Don’t think you need to lose 5 pounds first before you can actually give it your all to lose the last 5 pounds.

Follow a plan like Fit Women’s Weekly and you’ll find that you can lose your first 10 pounds in under 4 weeks. That’s fast!

Think about it.

Where are you going to be four weeks from now?

Now just imagine being there and being 10 pounds lighter, one size smaller, and 10 tons more enthusiastic and happy.