Loving The Holidays: Reindeer Run Style

I woke up this morning (on a Saturday) at 6am for a race that didn’t start until 9am… It’s not like it was far away but I had to get into full costume! Yup, Cindy Lou Who!

It was Charleston’s annual Reindeer Run this morning, so myself and several of my boot campers laced up our shoes, tossed on some holiday themed clothes and hit the start line.

It was so much fun! Even if it was only 38 degress. They had holiday music blasting, snow machines blowing out “blizzards” and a ton of people showing of their holiday love.  I wish I took pictures but I can’t run with my phone in my hand so it had to stay in the car.

Just call me Mrs. Who!

I did make Dan take this picture of me before I left the house though!

After the race a local bar opened up for free beers and food but I have never been one that can run a race and then grab a beer… just seems to weird for me. But because it was still chilly by time all of us crossed the finish line we headed to a local coffee shop for a cappachino and a raw granola bar (I love these).

Thanks Kudo! My small, triple shot, skinny, 2-splenda capp! Delish!

I have been working on sprints lately so distance running was a new concept… in fact I haven’t ran over 2 miles since August so I didn’t have big goals. I ended up running it around 26.20 minutes (according to my watch). Not bad, I will take it!

But it was a great time with the girls and I am totally in the holiday spirit now!


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