It’s the dream… even more than just having a knockout body like a model.

It’s being able to eat like crazy and remain looking like a model. Well there is new evidence that a certain type of insulin can almost do this for us. Of course it’s not that simple, but the research is turning up some good stuff.

Let’s look at insulin in a different way to understand it a little differently.

What Comes First Too Much Insulin or Too Much Body Fat?

I never knew there was a chicken and egg conversation going on with insulin. However, popular opinion is that obesity is what is responsible for a high rise in insulin levels. This would then lead to insulin resistance and a spiral of weight gain because sugar can’t be metabolized properly.

I never thought much about it, but I also thought that high levels of insulin are the first to show up before obesity. It’s the high insulin levels that create a rise in obesity and there is new research that is showing this is definitely the case.

Staying Trim While Eating Like Crazy

According to Cell Metabolism, a science publication, animals that can keep their insulin levels low can stay trim even with an all out indulgence of food. As they put it, even when going crazy in an all you can eat buffet.

Just to think about it… how do you keep your insulin levels low when you’re eating a lot? Sounds impossible.

On top of this, long term studies of diabetes patients shows that the increase of insulin, which they have to either inject or get pumped into them, increases their body fat.

It get’s a little more complex…

The Two Types of Insulin

These researchers have identified two type of insulin:

  • Insulin 1 which is found in the pancreas
  • Insulin 2 which is found in the brain and the pancreas

By eliminating Insulin 2 in animals, the researcher noticed they could give them all the food they wanted and they were protected from obesity. They also didn’t experience any loss in appetite, so it’s not like they took a small bite and didn’t want to eat anymore.

This not only helped protect from body fat but it also seemed to lower inflammation and it reprogrammed the animal’s fat tissue to burn off as a source of energy for heat. This is very similar to the programming of brown fat. Brown fat is a different discussion but you do have some, not much though.

So in other words, you have less inflammation which means lower levels of free radicals… but you also have fat burning off as heat which is essentially lowering body fat levels (which I would think means over time you are switching your energy source from the depleted fat, but to what?)

There Is A Long Way To Go

This is not a miracle cure because the researchers said they don’t know what this means just yet. However, they feel that using the right mix of diet and different foods, it will be possible to keep your natural insulin levels low. Probably meaning low gylcemic index foods.

In the past when they have tried to do this with drugs, there have been some serious side effects. This just proves that it’s a lot more complex than the researches can even comprehend yet.

The human body is an amazing thing and it’s another reason to eat better and exercise. That is where the answer lies for sure.